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Published On: September 16, 2023
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Pre-Launch BEST Picks!


The Pre-launch event featuring the Otherworldly Horn is coming to a close very soon on Dragonheir: Silent Gods in preparation for the Global Release this coming Tuesday.

Players will be able to begin their journey at 00:00 UTC, September 19th – But before we worry about that, it’s important to consider who you are going to begin the game with from the Otherworldly Horn Pre-launch event, as your time to decide is coming to an end.

IvyLeeGaming has kindly done the hard work for you, by compiling a tier list based on who the BEST pick-ups are from this event.

Important Notes:

There are a few ways you can approach the Pre-Launch Event in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, based on your personal preference, however, we would personally from IvyLee’s recommendation, suggest that you opt to take #2.

The Tier List is solely based on Option 2 as some of these Epics are a MUST have for the game, and can make everything significantly easier, for example Frurbath the Epic Tank is picked in 90% of areas over Talwer who is a Legendary – so picking the latter over the former makes very little sense in a progression perspective.

Option 1:

If you get a Legendary – Pick it! – Getting Legendaries in Dragonheir is hard, and if you get a duplicate down the line, at the very least (If the Hero is bad) you can use said duplicate to acquire a high-quality artifact, such as the Defense Penalty II debuff artifact (Witch’s Remains) which is the ONLY way to access that debuff in the game currently. Buffs and Changes could also come and make a weak Legendary incredibly strong.

Option 2:

Some Epics are MUCH better than some of the included Legendary heroes, so if you are looking for something that will truly aid your progression AND be used in the end-game, picking the Legendary may not be the best option for you. This is definitely the superior option in our opinion over hoping for a Duplicate of a low-tier Legendary Champion.

Pick who is the BEST hero for progression, regardless of rarity. In this game, Rares and Epics are actually viable for End-Game content.

Also to note, this Tier List is purely based on opinion from significant testing during the Beta Tests, and unfortunately the newly added Champions were not included in that, so therefor are ranked based on knowledge of the game and reading their skills – no playtesting is involved for any of the Champions marked as Season 1 additions.

The Season 1 Elemental Alignments are:

  • Poison/Fire
  • Ice/Necrosis
  • Lightning/Radiance

S-Tier Options:

Felicity – Fire – Legendary:

Felicity is a Fire Hero who is capable of incredibly high damage, especially when involved in a Wild Team.

Sutha – Lightning – Legendary:

Sutha is another incredibly strong damage option, who has incredibly good synergy in a Dauntless-based team

Voresh – Ice – Epic:

Voresh stands out as one of the BEST Epic Champions and is a prime example of where you should consider picking up an Epic over any old Legendary. Voresh is a TOP Tier Damage option despite being marked as a Support, who deals Full Board AOE Damage, and has a Buff-Strip ability.

Frurbath – Poison – Epic:

Frurbath is an incredibly strong tank hero, who also provides healing and attack penalty debuffs – He is a perfect option to equip with Defense Penalty Artifacts. Frurbath is another of the Epics who outshines their Legendary counterparts, as mentioned above, you would opt to use Frurbath over Talwer in 90% of situations.

Garius – Radiance – Epic – Season 1:

On paper, Garius reads as if he is going to be very similar to Frurbath in terms of strength, but a Radiance option, who also provides a cleanse and healing for ALL allies.

Tonalnon – Fire – Epic:

Tonalnon is a TOP Tier Wild Damage Dealer, who is capable of carrying you through the game, especially in the early stages.

A-Tier Options:

Hochadir – Ice – Legendary:

Hochadir is a great DPS option within a Frost team, however, he is not great on his own without more Frost members to aid him.

Ripekas – Necrosis – Legendary:

Ripekas is an incredibly strong Crowd Control Champion, who also applies random debuffs to enemies.

Alfie – Fire – Epic – Season 1:

Alfie is a new addition in Season 1 but on paper appears to have large potential, however, MUST be paired with a Wild Team hero.

Garian – Poison – Epic – Season 1:

Garian appears to be a new top-tier healer for Poison teams, however, this depends on the range of their abilities.

Catherine – Radiance – Epic – Season 1:

Catherine provides some very strong healing, shields, DEF up buffs, as well as debuff immunity.

Eches – Poison – Epic:

Eches excels in many dungeons and PVP Content, as well as providing great crowd-control and cleanses.

Isolde – Fire – Epic – Season 1:

On paper, it seems like Isolde may be better than her legendary counterpart, Khrysos.

Dane – Fire – Epic:

Dane is a great debuffer for all areas, but also a very strong damage dealer.

Joyce – Necrosis – Epic – Season 1:

Joyce has the potential to be a top-tier Summon Team hero.

Nathaniel – Lightning – Epic – Season 1:

Nathaniel brings heals, cleanses, shields, defense buffs, and a HP aura – all-around amazing support hero.

Ihuicatl – Lightning – Epic – Season 1:

Ihuicatl brings an amazing passive that shields allies and heals, as well as buffing your teams defense, also removes enemy shields and buffs!

Iola – Lightning – Epic:

Iola brings a solid damage option for you with great crowd control too!

Questa – Necrosis – Epic:

Questa hits incredibly hard and is a very strong damage option for you!

Schaltar – Lightning – Epic:

Schaltar is hands-down the BEST Dauntless Epic in the game currently that has been tested.

Thurnus – Lightning – Epic – Season 1:

Speaking of best Dauntless Epics in the game, Thurnus has the potential to take that crown from Schaltar, however, this is only on paper as he has not been tested.

Vicuc – Poison – Epic – Season 1:

Vicuc brings a full ally debuff cleanse and heal, as well as attack penalty debuffs – top tier supporting hero.

Sifris – Poison – Epic – Season 1:

Heals and Revives but sacrifices her own HP in order to do so, great for short battles or if paired with multiple healers.

Rava – Ice – Epic – Season 1:

Rava brings amazing synergy for Frost Teams and will likely find a place in many teams.

B-Tier Options:

Sagomir – Radiance – Legendary:

Decent tank, Taunt, lacking support for allies though compared to other tanks.

Talwer – Poison – Legendary:

Decent tank mainly for PvP, Taunt with mushroom summons; Frurbath leaps beyond as a tank.

Duling – Radiance – Epic – Season 1:

Great tank for Radiance team; similar kit to Horrus.

Gitouna – Radiance – Epic – Season 1:

Sounds like huge damage potential for a Rally team; True Damage.

Caraman – Fire – Epic – Season 1:

Caraman is a PVP Monster, with great Wild Synergy.

Volthug – Lightning – Epic – Season 1:

Potential strongest tank for Lightning Element with buff strip and debuffs.

Naguk – Lightning – Epic – Season 1:

Potential top-tier crowd control with a Full-range stun.

Dorkuraz – Ice – Epic:

Used highly in end-game gear dungeons, has big damage and is great for Frost teams.

Vidimir – Ice – Epic:

Used frequently in end-game gear dungeons.

Fihrah – Fire – Epic:

Used frequently in end-game gear dungeons.

Thia – Necrosis – Epic:

Debuff immunity which is quite valuable; and great debuffer.

Gardrus – Ice – Epic:

Used frequently in end-game gear dungeons.

Brody – Fire – Epic:

Removes shields from enemies; strong for grave of curse or anti-shield in PvP.

Pargu – Ice – Epic:

Random debuffer who inflicts Frozen debuffs and deals decent damage.

Zhar’loth – Necrosis – Epic – Season 1:

Great crowd control, heal, attack aura; PvP or PvE wave control.

Gladros – Necrosis – Epic – Season 1:

Steals Attack; shield & debuff immunity to allies; Resist in arena aura.

Shink – Poison – Epic – Season 1:

Sounds like he will deal great damage & keep up lots of poison debuffs.

Holas – Poison – Epic – Season 1:

Poison exploder & debuffer; potential to deal great damage.

Lydia – Lightning – Epic:

Decent tank for an element that barely has any tank options.

Nessa – Radiance – Epic:

Great debuffer and crowd control.

Tathlyn – Radiance – Epic – Season 1:

Keeps Rally up for great team synergy.

Gareth – Poison – Epic – Season 1:

Great tank for a poison team if you don’t have Frurbath.

Corrin – Poison – Epic:

Great poisoner in poison debuffer teams.

To view IvyLee’s Full Dragonheir Pre-Launch Tierlist, click here – Let us know who you are starting with in the comments!

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10 months ago

Can anyone that is taking part in this please use my invitation code:


You will get a free pull for using it. If you reply to this comment with your invitation code I’ll use yours too!

David Smith
David Smith
10 months ago
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Omar Moussawel
Omar Moussawel
9 months ago
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Michael Gugenheim
Michael Gugenheim
10 months ago

Thanks for putting this together. I was able to pull 2 epics out of all my summons, but did manage to get Voresh, so that’s who I’ll be using for my reward. I had decided to use him anyway, but this article was good confirmation about my choice.

10 months ago

When will it be available to everyone ?
It still shows to me that it is not available on my country even after the launch.

9 months ago
Reply to  warsonger

Just hit journey level 5 in my linked account and have no indication of the pre summon hero I selected. Amyone able to give advice or have a similar situation?

Bronson Sargent
Bronson Sargent
10 months ago