Dragonheir Best Epics
Published On: October 25, 2023

Dragonheirs Best Epics: Dream Draft Pick!


Dragonheir has just released the BEST pack we’ve ever seen, and usually, we would not promote in-game offers or spending, as it’s not our place to, however, this one – is something special, and we know that a large portion of the player base will be tempted to grab this offer.

That’s right, it’s the Dream Draft Epic pack, giving you the option to choose ANY epic in the game for just £1!

Now I want to reiterate, that we are NOT telling you to buy this pack, however, if you so choose to do so, we’re going to break down some Dragonheir Best Epics that could boost your account significantly!

Ice Heroes:


Voresh is one of the BEST Epic Heroes in the game and deserves to actually be a Legendary Hero for a multitude of reasons.

First off, as much as Voresh is a Support Hero, they are capable of dealing incredibly strong AOE Damage with his Ultimate Skill, which, unlike most heroes, targets EVERY SINGLE Enemy on the board, no matter how spread out they are.

His Ultimate then applies Buff Prohibition on the targets, which once upgraded, is a 100% chance to land providing you have enough Accuracy – This can be used to enable some other heroes in the game who target enemies with debuffs, such as Sigrid, although they are not of the same Elemental Bonus, it is still a very strong combo as it enables Sigrid to his everybody with the Ultimate skill.

While Voresh’s Ultimate is incredibly strong, the Passive and Battle Skill can’t be forgotten, with a 50% chance of dispelling 1 buff from an enemy, which is incredibly valuable in dungeons such as Ancient Battlefield, or Grave of Curse – if the Ultimate Skill is unsuccessful in blocking the buffs.

Voresh has the ability to heal the ally with the lowest HP whenever dealing damage, which scales with attack, so by ramping up Voresh’s damage, you’re directly boosting the healing output too!


Gardrus is a great Epic in the Ice Element, which could be the perfect option to slot into your team if you’re missing someone who can reliably bring Attack Penalty to your team, with his high uptime, but that’s far from all…

For a start, Gardrus has a very valuable Captain Aura, with 40 Resistance in all battles, while this is not something you will need ALL the time, you may find situations where you want to bump up your resistance in order to get through a certain stage, whether that be in Fae Meander, or Ancient Battlefield, or even the campaign.

Gardrus also has a very interesting passive skill, that gives him a chance to immunize himself from incoming debuffs, instead boosting his Ultimate Energy by 25% – if you’re utilizing this in a fight where there’s a large number of incoming debuffs – such as Grave of Rot, you will be able to cycle through your Ultimate VERY quickly!

Speaking of Gardrus’ Ultimate Skill, it is amazing, it targets 3 rows directly in front of Gardrus, as far as the eye can see, and even beyond that – If there is an enemy in front of him, they WILL get hit by this skill, and knocking all enemies up and then back to the furthest point possible, followed up with a 3-second stun and a 30% Recharging Speed Penalty debuff – not only does this skill provide a huge amount of AOE Crowd Control, it also deals relatively good damage at the same time!


Rava is one of the best options to boost the overall damage of your Frost Teams, especially if you’re lacking some of the Legendary counterparts who are able to consistently place Frost on multiple targets.

Rava brings a Crit Damage in all Battles Captain Aura for your team to boost your damage beyond what his Frost is already doing which will be a huge benefit.

So, before we get into all of the ways Rava can apply Frost debuffs to enemies, we’ll break down the rest of his skills, starting with his passive, which boosts his attack up to a maximum of 45% for each enemy that’s inflicted with Frost on the field.

His Battle Skill fires 3 orbs at a random enemy, each with a 100% chance (when upgraded) to place Frost for 5-seconds, on a relatively short cooldown.

Rava’s Ultimate is what it’s all about though, as he summons a Nexus that lasts 10 seconds in a designated, large area, dealing Cold damage to enemies every 1.5 seconds, each time it deals damage it has a 100% chance (upgraded) to inflict Frost for 10 seconds, the Nexus will then explode on expiration dealing mass Cold Damage to all enemies within range.

Ultimately, while Rava can deal good damage himself, you will be making sure that you build enough Accuracy to land Frost on all enemies to empower the damage of the rest of your team, as some Heroes like Auster, Hvitar, Trolgar, Rowena and even the Rare, Usha who is capable of dealing HUGE damage to Frozen targets!

Necrosis Heroes:


Zhar’loth is undeniably one of the best epic heroes in the game, as he brings so much, from massive amounts of control, healing, and incredibly strong AOE Damage!

Zhar’loth’s Aura is 24% Attack in all Battles which is incredibly strong, there’s never a time when added damage won’t be useful, unless, of course, you’re favouring a different aura for content, such as ACC/Resist/Defensive stats.

His Passive skill heals the Ally with the lowest HP by 300% of his Attack, and inflicts Silence on an enemy for 5 seconds, which means they are unable to cast battle skills or ultimates for the duration, with enough ATK Speed, Zhar’loth can put out quite a large amount of healing, whilst also controlling the enemies!

Zhar’loth’s Battle Skill is huge for control, as it hits a 3×3 Grid of enemies, with a 100% chance (once upgraded) to inflict a Recharging Speed Penalty, which will reduce the amount of skills your enemies are able to get out, this also will deal relatively good damage across all of those enemies!

Finally, the Ultimate Skill – This hits a very large area, dealing damage every 1 second, for 5 seconds, with a chance of inflicting Fear on the enemies for 5 seconds, which also prevents enemies from using their Basic attacks, or casting any skills! This skill will also heal your allies, with an increase in healing for every enemy hit by this skill!


Thia is a very strong Support option to bring into your Frost/Necrosis teams and help keep your team alive, whilst also being able to deal ‘some’ damage at the same time.

Thia’s passive skill will grant Invisibility when taking 10% or more Max HP damage, but her passive amplifies Invisibility so not only does it prevent your heroes from being targetted by single-target skills, it will also reduce damage taken by 15%!

On her Battle Skill, Thia heals the ally with the Lowest HP and ALL Allies with Invisibility by a large amount, which synergizes very well with her ultimate skill, as this places Invisibility and Debuff Immunity on all of your ranged heroes in your team, for 10 seconds – which given the fact her base cooldown is only 16 seconds on this skill, the uptime can be incredibly high, if not permanent.

Her Ultimate skill also applies Healing Prohibition to an enemy at the same time as dealing 850% Attack damage to the target!

While she’s not the strongest hero in this list, she may be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re struggling to find Support and enough healing in the Frost/Necrosis Elements!


Questa is one of those incredibly annoying heroes to face, especially in the arena and the later stages of PVE content – because of the way she can obliterate your squishier heroes, and subsequently, help to sustain her team.

This same logic can be applied to using her in your own teams, with her passive skill granting Recovery Over Time to all allies every time an enemy is killed, usually by her own blades.

Questa’s Aura is neither here nor there, it only takes effect in Grand Gladiator Arena battles but does boost your team’s attack by 30% there, which can be helpful in taking out enemies.

Questa’s Battle Skill charges her towards the enemy with the lowest HP, dealing a large amount of damage and inflicting Attack Penalty II for 5 seconds, which not only is likely to deal significant damage to the big damage threats on the enemy team but also neutralize them by reducing their ability to deal damage significantly.

Then with her Ultimate Skill, she will again jump towards an enemy, dealing 950% attack Necrotic Damage, which is massive, then stealing 30% of their Ultimate Energy and healing herself by 475% of her attack – this will not only likely kill the target, but also allow her to recharge quickly and repeat the skill again quickly!

Fire Heroes:


Tonalnan is one of the best single target damage dealers available, especially when utilized fully in a Wild Team, however not exclusive to, if you get your hands on a Tonalnan early in the game – she will do some great work in all of your teams regardless of the elemental bonus!

Starting off, Tonalnan’s passive boosts her Critical Rate by 20%, meaning you only need to build to 80%, allowing for more ATK and Critical Damage in your build, this is instantly a huge bonus! But on top of that, every time an ally successfully passes a Wild check, Tonalnan will gain 5% Critical Damage, stacking 20 times – as you can imagine, once this reaches maximum stacks, Tonalnan is an absolute beast who will deal ridiculously strong single-target damage, especially in longer fights like Vortex, where she can gain a large amount of time at maximum stacks.

Tonalnan’s Battle Skill deals damage to an enemy 3 times, the damage of this skill will scale based on the amount of buffs that Tonalnan has compared to the enemy, more buffs, more damage!

Finally, Tonalnan’s Ultimate Skill, after granting herself 20% Attack Up, Tonalnan unleashes 5 individual hits at a single target, dealing huge damage each time – unless you have heroes like Flora, this skill will skyrocket Tonalnan to the top of your damage meters, OR alternatively, can be utilized as a way of placing Defense Penalty if you opt to have Accuracy in the build and use either Crown of the Unclean or Witches Remains artifacts – because of how they work, heroes with multi-hitting ultimates are incredibly good for landing this debuff with very high uptime.

Tonalnan is quite literally MVP in Wild Teams for Vortex (once again, unless you have Flora, where Tonalnan can still remain MVP using her multi-hit for Defense Penalty!)


If you’re looking to complete your Poison/Fire team with a perfect supporting Champion, Adolphus might well be the one for you, with his kit revolving around massive shields, that scale from Enlightenment, he is a very strong choice for many teams.

Shields are very valuable in Dragonheir, in many of the Dungeons, but also in sustaining your team in Vortex – where Fire and Poison combination teams are very popular, featuring heroes like Frurbath, who can double as a healer but may need a helping hand in the form of a hero like Adolphus on later levels.

We’re actually going to start with Adolphus’ Ultimate skill, which grants a huge shield to ALL allies, whilst also dealing damage to a 3×3 area of enemies at the same time, these shields really cannot be underestimated, as they are massive!

Adolphus’ Battle Skill also provides a Shield, this time to one Ally, whilst also boosting their Ultimate Energy by 15%.

Lastly, Adolphus’ Passive Skill takes his shields to another level, IF he Shields a target that already has a shield, then he will also heal them equal to 75% of the shield granted, this can either work in unison with another Shielder, turning him into an outright healer, or just be used to top you up further if shields remain when he recycles to his Ultimate or Battle Skills.


Dane is another one of the heroes in Dragonheir who is listed as a Support, but really he is much more than that!

Dane does a little bit of everything, from AOE Damage, to buff control and important debuffs, he really is a perfect all-rounder.

With his Passive Skill, he will boost his Ultimate Energy by 15% whenever he deals damage to an enemy with less than 50% HP with either his Battle or Ultimate Skills, this is great considering his damage is AOE, there is a high likelihood that he will trigger this effect frequently, thus allowing him to deal even more damage/keep a higher uptime on his debuffs.

His Battle Skill deals AOE Damage, but if he hits targets under 50% HP, he will inflict Fear and Healing Prohibition!

On his Ultimate, Dane deals a very substantial amount of AOE damage, places Attack Penalty I, and if he hits targets under 50% HP, he will steal all of their buffs!

Overall, a great all-rounder who can bring some damage into your team whilst also bringing valuable debuffs, which can in turn be used to enable Heroes like Sigrid to hit more targets!

Poison Heroes:


Frurbath is one of, if not THE best epics in the entire game, in terms of value across all areas of the game, he quite simply can fit into every single piece of content, and does so easily.

Not only is he a fantastic Tank, valuable debuffer, but he is also an amazing Healer if you crank up his Defense – which is aided by his 24% Defense in Dungeon Aura for all allies.

Starting off with Frurbath’s Passive – whenever he attacks an enemy who is under debuffs, he has a chance to heal the ally with the lowest HP and dispel one debuff from them, the healing from this skill scales with the amount of debuffs on the enemy.

Next up, Frurbath’s Battle Skill; which generates a healing nexus around him for 6 seconds, healing all allies within range every 1 second, the healing from this skill can be very significant, so make sure you stack your team around him where possible to make the most of this.

Frurbath’s Ultimate is an AOE attack that inflicts Attack Penalty II for 10 seconds, the range of this is rather significant so you’ll be able to keep plenty of enemies under the debuff!

Frurbath excels in every single area of the game where you may need a tank, and in some situations can also completely replace the need for a healer, allowing for an additional damage, or support within your team.


Vicuc is an absolute beast at debuff control, which unless you are inundated with Legendary Heroes, the options are rather slim, especially in Fire/Poison teams, which becomes a notable issue in Level 4 of Vortex, as you will need to deal with the Defense Penalty the boss places.

Vicuc is not only valuable in Vortex though of course, with a FULL Board dispel of 2 debuffs on his Ultimate Skill, paired with healing, he see’s a huge amount of value in Dungeons such as Grave of Rot, and even Fae Meander.

With his Passive Skill, Vicuc inflicts Accuracy Penalty II on any enemy that debuffs him, which against bosses that inflict a large amount of debuffs, could be incredibly useful to increase your chance of resisting some of these debuffs.

His Battle Skill is what separates him from most healers, or dispellers – as he also brings an AOE Attack Penalty II, which is exceptional, and a great back-up in any team, pairing Vicuc and Frurbath together is an incredibly strong duo, as if you get the timings right, you’ll have close to 100% uptime on Attack Penalty II on the target.

As mentioned above, Vicuc removes 2 debuffs from all allies on his Ultimate, then heals them, the healing is increased by 25% if a debuff is successfully removed.


Sifris is a very unique Champion, and in-fact the ONLY Non Legendary in the game who is able to Revive fallen allies.

This provides a huge layer of support for Fire and Poison teams, and in theory, any team you may need extra healing and revives in, including Arena where she is incredibly valuable, and incredibly annoying to face!

With her Passive Skill, Sifris grants herself a Resurrection on Death buff for 10 seconds, which brings her back with 30% Max HP, retaining 75% of her Ultimate Energy before she died.

Sifris brings incredibly strong healing, with her Battle Skill healing ALL allies by 20% of their Max HP, at the cost of 10% of Sifris’ current HP.

The Revive skill comes with Sifris’ Ultimate Skill, at the cost of 30% of Sifris’ current HP, she resurrects 2 random allies with 30% of their Max HP, and with 75% of their pre-death Ultimate Energy, then grants Defense up II to ALL allies for 10 seconds.

Of course, Sifris does have the downside that she sacrifices her own health, but paired with another healer, or even someone like Frurbath, she will be much safer as they will keep her topped up while she provides powerful healing for the rest of the team.

Radiance Heroes:


Garius is amongst the ranks of the ‘Tankiest Tanks’ in Dragonheir, and is arguably one of Dragonheirs best Epic Heroes.

Starting off strong, Garius has a Defense Aura for all battles, giving 24% Defense to your entire team, which will be helpful in any given situation to increase the survivability of your team.

With Garius’ Passive Skill, he gains a stacking Defense buff, which is undispellable, and stacks up to 20 times, at 2% each – this buff has a 50% chance to trigger every time he takes damage.

Garius’ Battle Skill is a single target Knock Up, preventing his target from using basic attacks or casting skills, which he then follows up with a Hit Recovery buff for himself, which restores health every time he takes damage for 10 seconds.

Finally, Garius is able to provide an immense amount of AOE Healing across the whole board with his Ultimate Skill, after removing all debuffs from himself. The healing from this skill is calculated at 600% of his Defense, so naturally the longer the fight is, and the higher stacks Garius has from his passive, the more he will heal – this makes him INCREDIBLY hard to kill, and a great healer for your team.

Garius is simply amazing, the only let down is the fact that he does not provide Attack Penalty II himself, and relies on somebody else in the team to bring this debuff unlike many of the top-tier tanks, but that does not keep him out of that top-tier bracket.


Catherine is an amazing option to bring in as your healer in Dragonheir, and is incredibly well suited to many of the Dungeons that you’ll have to work through in order to get better gear, and runes.

With her Ultimate Skill, she heals all allies within a large radius by a significant amount, scaling with Enlightenment, and then grants them Debuff Immunity for 10 seconds, which if timed well can completely negate many of the challenges that you’ll face.

Catherines Battle Skill is a very strong Single Target heal to the ally with the Lowest current HP, and then grants them Defense Up II for 5 seconds, this is perfect in dungeons like Grave of Venom where your tank gets hit significantly hard, that boost of Defense and heal can come in clutch and ensure they survive!

Lastly, Catherine’s Passive Skill will convert 50% of any overflow healing into a Shield for 10 seconds!

Overall Catherine is a great support option, in many areas of the game, and an Epic hero very worthy of investment!


Gitouna is an amazing option for Rally DPS if you’re short of some of the more notable Legendaries, and a perfect option to pick up if you are close to being able to build a full Rally Team, but missing a final DPS option.

With a Captain Aura that increases all Allies Crit Damage by 24% in all battles, Gitouna is able to boost your teams damage capability.

Every time Gitouna recieves a Rally buff, the passive kicks in which causes him to flash to the furthest enemy, dealing 200% attack damage to them.

Gitouna’s Battle Skill buffs his Basic Attacks, causing them to deal an extra chunk of damage for 8 seconds.

Finally, Gitouna’s Ultimate Skill deals damage to all enemies in a Frontal Cone, dealing huge damage, and additional True Damage (Ignoring Defense) if Gitouna has a Rally Buff at the time of casting, this will consume the Rally Buff.

Of course, you will need to pair Gitouna with a team that is able to keep a good uptime of Rally, but as mentioned above, Gitouna remains a great option to finish up a Rally Team that you’re trying to build.

Lightning Heroes:


Iola, or as many people call her, Lola… is insanely strong with tons of control, as well as AOE Attack Penalty II, which is incredibly valuable.

Starting off though, her Captain Aura gives 24% Attack to all allies, in all Battles, which is amazing as there’s always a need for more damage!

Iola’s Ultimate Skill is an AOE Attack Penalty II, which hits each target 3 times, inflicting Silence too, preventing enemies from using Battle Skills or Ultimates for 5 seconds.

Her Battle Skill similarly, is a single target hit, which hits twice, both with a 50% chance of inflicting Silence for 5 seconds.

Both of these skills work in unison with her Passive Skill, which has a chance to turn Silence debuffs into Stuns, whenever Iola attacks an enemy under Silence.

This allows Iola to be a monster of control, inflicting stuns all over the place!


Schaltar is an INSANELY valuable pick if you are close to, or are building a Dauntless team, as when partnered with other Dauntless Heroes, he unleashes some incredibly strong damage, in the form of Derivative Damage, meaning instead of building this Hero with High Critical Rate and Critical Damage, you will instead turn your focus to Attack and Enlightenment only.

Schaltar’s Passive Skill gives his basic attacks a chance to release Chain Lightning bouncing to up to 4 enemies at most, dealing derivative damage.

His Battle Skill provides a Lightning Shield (Deals damage over time to surrounding enemies) for 4 seconds, the damage from this is also counted as derivative damage, once again amplified by Enlightenment.

Finally, Schaltar’s Ultimate Skill enhances all allies with Lightning Force, giving them Blessings of Thunder (A chance to deal additional Lightning Damage with Basic Attacks) for 15 seconds, Dauntless Heroes will have DOUBLE the chance of triggering this effect, and the best bit is – nearly all Dauntless skills are considered Basic Attacks, including Battle Skills and Ultimates, so the chances of triggering this extra derivative damage is very high, ultimately resulting in a huge amount of damage from Schaltar!


Here we have it, the final Epic on our list, if you can pronounce it… props to you, Ihuicatl is an amazing support Hero if you’re looking to bolster your lineups in Lightning/Radiance partnerships, and incredibly valuable in most dungeons, especially Grave of Curse with the ability to remove shields.

Ihuicatl’s Captain Aura is a very strong 24% Defense in all Battles, which will help your teams stay alive!

On the Passive Skill, Ihuicatl grants allies with a Shield every time they use an Ultimate Skill, which scales from Ihuicatl’s Enlightenment as well as the target’s Max HP.

The Battle Skill, as mentioned is great for Grave of Curse, as it targets one enemy, removes ALL of their Shield buffs, and also dispels 1 buff from them – this is great in many areas, not just Grave of Curse, but it does have great value there.

Ihuicatl’s Ultimate grants Defense Up II to all allies within range, and heals any ally who is below 50% HP by a large amount.

All in all, Ihuicatl is a very strong support capable of supporting your team, as well as having excess utility for handling enemies’ buffs and shields.


What are your thoughts on Dragonheirs Best Epics, who would you pick from this amazing pack?

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