Published On: April 15, 2024
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Radiance Chaos Shadow Guide – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The Radiance Chaos Shadow Boss becomes active during Month 2 of Dragonheir: Silent Gods Season 3 as part of the month-long event to acquire the legendary Hero, Aladiah.

The Boss will receive 100% more damage from Cold sources, so utilizing a team based on this is going to be key to achieving the maximum damage thresholds.

Ability Breakdown:


Whisper of Radiance:

Generates an orb after a brief channelling, dealing Radiant Damage to the target. For each stack of Radiance Crystal the monster has, generates an extra orb.


Lance of Radiance:

Casts the spell for 6s, during which a random enemy is attacked every 0.5s, with each attack dealing Radiant Damage.


Has a 50% chance of gaining 1 stack of Radiance Crystal when the monster deals damage with their skills.


Immune to all Control Effects


The hero gains stackable Total Damage Bonus permanently each time they release their ultimate skill. (Increases damage dealt by 200% for every stack. This effect is unstoppable, undispellable and permanent).

How to beat the boss:

This is generally considered the easiest boss of the Season 3 Continental/Chaos Shadow options, topped with the fact that from the Ice Blast and Frost Damage types there are so many different options, reaching 22 million is not going to be a huge stretch for most accounts.

The best way to deal with this boss, is to ensure you have ATK Penalty placed on it before the Ultimate Skill goes off, to reduce the amount of damage that skill is doing, outside of that the only damage you’ll be taking will be on your tank, who should have no real issues surviving.

Due to the fact that the boss hits random targets regardless of where they are positioned, it is not important how you place your team, meaning you can stack them all together to gain benefit from heroes like Frurbath, who heals allies in a small radiance around himself.

It’s important to note that you cannot prevent the boss gaining Radiance crystals, they cannot be blocked or removed, so don’t waste your time trying to counter this mechanic.


  • ATK Penalty
  • Strong AOE Healing
  • Strong Single-Target Damage

Recommended Teams:

Picking and choosing your team is subjective to every account, however, we’re going to cover a range of different options you could consider bringing into this fight, as well as highlighting in our opinion; the best options.

As far as actual composition goes, this boss is incredibly easy to deal with if you have the Epic Champion, Frurbath, which many people will have in Season 3 already due to him being a Season 1 Hero.

With Frurbath you are able to run a team utilizing four damage dealers, with him able to be the tank AND healer all by himself.

If you do not have a Frurbath, we recommend you bring in a healer alongside a tank, and run three damage dealers instead.

In terms of Damage options, Ice Blast are massively dominant when it comes to Single-target fights, so they should be your go-to however, if you haven’t got some of the epic options such as Gerthin and Bleddyn, or even some of the Legendaries, you will be able to deal good damage still with a Frost based team, utilizing heroes like Auster, Usha, Hvitar and somebody to enable the Frost debuff such as Lossenia or the Epic, Rava.



Alternatives (Pair with a Healer):

Healers (If not using Frurbath):

Damage Dealers (Ice Blast):

Core Damage:


Damage Dealers (Frost):

Core Damage:


Who are you using for this Radiance Chaos Shadow? Let us know in the comments!

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