Published On: January 12, 2023
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Eternal Evolution: New SSS Commander Hagradon!


A new SSS Commander has come out geared toward Vanguard-focused team comps. This is the second SSS level commander to be released. He should out-perform his similar non-SSS commander, Gautier. Let’s take a deeper look!


Hagradon’s Skills

The Proton Shield skill reads similarly to non-SSS commander Gautier. However, the shield is for all allies, not just the Vanguard & Assassin as with Guatier. Also, the second part of the skill adds an extra bonus if the team has 3 or more Vanguard Heroes. It reads as follows:

  • Skill 1: After using displacement skills, all allied heroes receive a Shield equal to 30% of their Max. HP, which lasts for 5 seconds, also increases the Damage of the next skill by 60%.
  • Skill 2: Deploying 3 or more Vanguard Heroes will activate these effects:
    • Every time your Vanguard Heroes are attacked by an enemy hero or a monster, there is a 40% chance to regenerate a small percentage of their Max HP.
    • Increases the damage and Max HP of all heroes by 20% (PVP Only; including Regular Arena, Galactic Arena, and Summit Arena).

Who else can I use with this Commander?

You’ll always want to have a balanced team but do note that other displacement heroes besides Crete & Leo as Vanguards can benefit. Bailey Hudson, Randall, Muka, Rakkana and Taylor are also considered “displacement skill heroes.”


What Prototypes to use?

Ideally, just like working with Gautier, you’ll want to synergize your team around the shield and effects of the Pain Rune + Flashpoint. If you have it, add in the Prism Amulet for Vanguards as well. This composition works very well together to keep shields up often and have the Pain Rune allow them to give you extra damage upon exploding them.


This is a fun new commander encouraging synergy between the Vanguard Heroes. Pair up your Leo & Crete, add in an Artas or Guan Yu and give it a try!

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