Published On: February 15, 2023
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Twilight Lands – Generalist Bond – Eternal Evolution


Twilight Lands is the most difficult (but fun!) PvE content that Eternal Evolution has added so far. It gets harder as you progress through each chapter, fighting tough bosses and having to adjust teams as you change stages. The rewards for Twilight Lands, however, make it worth the time invested. Be sure to check out our overall guide for more general details on this stage of content. Let’s dive deeper into a more specific aspect of this content: the bonds.

Each stage will suggest the best recommended “bond” to beat it. The bonds are what help to give you advantages in each battle (though not always needed to follow.) For this article, let’s discuss the Generalist Bond.

The bond reads as follows:

(5) Damage taken by all units in the part from single-target attack cannot exceed 30% of their Max HP.

The Strategy

Basically, this bond prevents you from getting one-shot by the hard-hitting bosses (that hit for 9000% ATK). This bond is probably the easiest to make a team for because it requires 5 different classes of hero vs having to be stacked heavily in one area. Not only does this make it easy to select from a variety of heroes, but it also encourages a well-balanced team.

An ideal team example might be Leo, Daniel, Masrani, Luke and Bailey. Leo is the king of the game overall so if you have him, he 100% deserves a spot on this team. If you don’t have Leo, use Crete or a tank unit up front. You’ll also want a healer to help with survivability, Masrani being a top-tier choice. Daniel brings cc in the form of stuns and great damage. Luke brings damage and Decrease DEF to help enable everyone to do more damage and kill the enemy quicker. Bailey is a strong choice as he’s a different type than the rest of them and can deal high damage. Prigor built well could also slot in here as she’s a different Class then the rest and gives some AoE damage. For non-sss heroes, the strategy is still the same. Find a mixture of a well balanced team with no 2 heroes from the same class. Try to bring in some form of crowd control along with your damage dealers. The bosses are immune to CC, but the other enemies are not.

Note: At the time of this article, it was known that the Generalist Bond as a bonus does not work against other bosses and stages. (i.e. you can’t use the Generalist Bond to prevent getting 1-shot when you go in against the other suggested bond bosses – Hunter, Tank, etc.). This used to be a tactic to prevent getting one-shot in all boss stages but was changed in December 2022.

Also, it is important to note that at the time of releasing this article, upon last testing, Prism Amulet was bugged in this stage and actually caused Leo to die. Be cautious and test before proceeding to use that versus these battle in particular.

MVPs vs Generalist Bond

Final Thoughts

You can pause, quit, and restart a battle and not lose heroes! Be willing to experiment to see what combinations work best for you. If you go in and someone dies too quickly, go out of the battle, change something, and try again. Even positioning can make a huge difference. Keep in mind the more people that beat a Chapter, the more “Herald’s Power” you get and the easier it will be when you try again. Stuck completely? Wait til more people fill up the leaderboard and try again!

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