Published On: February 15, 2023
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Twilight Lands – Assassin Bond – Eternal Evolution


Twilight Lands is the most difficult (but fun!) PvE content that Eternal Evolution has added so far. It gets harder as you progress through each chapter, fighting tough bosses and having to adjust teams as you change stages. The rewards for Twilight Lands, however, make it worth the time invested. Be sure to check out our overall guide for more general details on this stage of content. Let’s dive deeper into a more specific aspect of this content: the bonds.

Each stage will suggest the best recommended “bond” to beat it. The bonds are what help to give you advantages in each battle (though not always needed to follow.) For this article, let’s discuss the Assassin Bond.

The bond reads as follows:

  • (2) When an Assassin inflicts DMG to the target, reduce their energy by 50
  • (3) When an Assassin inflicts DMG to the target, reduce their energy by 100

The Strategy

Using Assassin bond stage has an enemy that quickly regains all energy and deals massive damage. Using Assassins in this battle reduces their energy. It’s pretty simple as far as that goes and can be easily beat at early stages using your heroes if built for damage. However, at higher levels, this gets very difficult. Even if you have Bailey Hudson and can pair him with Leo & Crete, it’s still a hard stage to beat past at least Chapter 11. It would best be suggested to pick a different fight.

If you do decide to use this one early on, you can use the new hero, Rickert along with Bailey Hudson, Rakkana, and/or Randall. The game currently doesn’t have many Assassins so there’s not a lot to choose from. Gautier & Hagradon commanders are quite strong and Vanguard heroes can pair well with your Assassins when using them.

MVPs vs Assassin Bond

Final Thoughts

You can pause, quit, and restart a battle and not lose heroes! Be willing to experiment to see what combinations work best for you. If you go in and someone dies too quickly, go out of the battle, change something, and try again. Even positioning can make a huge difference. Keep in mind the more people that beat a Chapter, the more “Herald’s Power” you get and the easier it will be when you try again. Stuck completely? Wait til more people fill up the leaderboard and try again!

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