Published On: January 20, 2023
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Guild Hunt – Scythe Spider Guide


The new bosses along with the Guild Hunt challenge have been out for a bit now. We’ve been able to look deeper at the mechanics and analyze best team compositions. The Guild Hunt provides incredible rewards to develop your account so should be something prioritized with each reset (2 times a week). Let’s take a deeper dive and talk about the best ways to tackle each boss separately; starting with the Scythe Spider. 

The Scythe Spider’s Skills

  • Summon Puppet – At the start of the battle, summon 6 servant spiders;each with a symbiosis to the Scythe Spider. Symbiosis – When a servant spider receives damage, the Scythe Spider takes the same amount of damage.
  • Sticky Web – Cover the Battlefield with webs that reduce the AS of units on them for 8 seconds.
  • Toxic Spit – Inflict 300% ATK as DMG to enemies within a straight frontal line and apply a stack of Venom. Venom – Inflict 50% ATK as DMG every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.
  • Rage Toxin – Within 8 seconds after this skill is cast, if no servant spiders receives direct DMG, the Scythe Spider casts Rage Toxin on all enemies. Rage Toxin – Inflict 1000% ATK as DMG. then 500% ATK as DMG per second for 6 seconds.
  • Passive – Damage Increase – The boss gains 20% ATK every 20 seconds.

Team Composition

Tackling this boss is a lot like the other spider bosses in the game; AoE damage is king! You want to have damage dealers that can hit multiple targets given there is the main spider plus the 6 summoned servants. Your team should consist of one healer (ideally Masrani), Rez to boost your best damage dealer (ideally Ravenna) and other strong AoE damage dealing units (ideally Luke and Daniel. Also, Prigor, Moriami or Skooer & Hatty can be used). If you don’t have Rez built, another AoE damage dealer is good to slot in. If you’re missing the key SSS heroes, use others like Omar, Nagrama, Kain & Falvea. Luckily, there seems to be no need for a Tank vs. this boss (or any of the guild bosses), however, Leo can also provide strong AoE damage and can be used here if he is one of your stronger options.

Note: If using Ravenna, be sure to place her in the middle row. She will not reach all the enemies if she’s in the back row. 


For this fight, the only real option is ROTA; she works best with heroes that do AoE damage. You’re looking for substat rolls that fit this fight. If you have Ravenna as a main damage dealer, try to get one that boosts +2 Ultimate for her. Ideally, look for stats that improve ATK, C.RATE and/or C.DMG. Also, HP% in the front to help the healer is helpful.

Divine Prototypes

In the first slot (Dominator), you’re looking for the best prototype to help your damage. Solar Flare is a top option for this if you have it Enhanced. Otherwise, you’ll likely want to use Flowing Rune, Preying Eyes or Vision Stone. 

The 2nd slot (Tenacity) is made to help your tanks (“reassemble heroes”). There’s no need to use the Tank category for these fights so really you just want your most maxed prototype that will help give you the best stats possible. If you are using Leo for damage, you can use Prism Amulet as well.

The 3rd slot (Enlightenment) is made to help your healer & support units. Overall the best for helping your healers is Flashpoint. The newer mythic Horn of Healing also works well with Masrani specifically.

Final Thoughts

It should be noted that for best results, all heroes should be manualled, making sure they actually hit all enemies with their attacks. Plus, if using Rez, you want to make sure he’s resetting your damage dealer at the right time. Keep in mind you can stop your battle and try again! Slow down your battle to 1x speed and be sure to stop it before it ends if you’re not happy with results, quit, and restart. For the Scythe Spider in particular, keep in mind the damage shown during battle is NOT your total damage. The mid-battle damage shown includes the spiderlings, while the final total is only the boss. So you may think you’re doing 1 Billion, but really it’s likely more like 750 Million, for example.

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