Published On: February 15, 2023
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Twilight Lands – Energy Bond – Eternal Evolution


Twilight Lands is the most difficult (but fun!) PvE content that Eternal Evolution has added so far. It gets harder as you progress through each chapter, fighting tough bosses and having to adjust teams as you change stages. The rewards for Twilight Lands, however, make it worth the time invested. Be sure to check out our overall guide for more general details on this stage of content. Let’s dive deeper into a more specific aspect of this content: the bonds.

Each stage will suggest the best recommended “bond” to beat it. The bonds are what help to give you advantages in each battle (though not always needed to follow.) For this article, let’s discuss the Energy Bond.

The bond reads as follows:

  • (2) “When an allied Energy attacks a target with a summon, they inflict 200% bonus DMG.”
  • (3) “When an allied Energy attacks a target with a summon, they inflict 300% bonus DMG.”

The Strategy

There are a couple of different strategies to discuss for the Energy Bond. There’s the general wave with a Spider Queen enemy where general AoE damage is king, Dragon bosses at the end that require a different approach and some mini-bosses in between that are a combination of the two. Overall, as the bond description states, using Energy class heroes will result in increased damage, giving you a very big advantage in these battles. For all Energy Bond fights, you should take advantage of this, using 2 or 3 Energy class heroes for a large damage boost.

The Spider Queen

Going against the Spider Queen and her servants can be a bit daunting. The spawning happens fast and can overwhelm you if not prepared. (Take advantage of 1x speed and turn off auto!) Basically, AoE damage is king here and you can also crowd-control the servants and the summoned spiderlings.

If you have Leo, he’s top tier for this. (Okay, Leo is the king of the game, let’s be honest). He’s strong as a tank and also brings AoE damage. Masrani as a healer is ideal as well to give great AoE heals to help keep everyone stay alive. Besides them, you’ll want to bring in 3 Energy heroes (Ravenna & Luke as the top choices. You can also use 2 Energy heroes plus Daniel for AoE damage & crowd control or another healer if you’re struggling with survivability. Crete would be great to bring in Decrease DEF if you don’t have Luke in the fight. Non-SSS Energy heroes best suggested include Nagrama, Kain & Falvea.

Solo Strat: Yup, that’s right. You can SOLO this fight! This takes some careful monitoring but can be successful through the high stages in Twilight against the Spider Queen. Of course, we are talking about using Leo. You need to make sure he does not proc his unkillable (You’ll see lots of pop-ups saying “IMMUNE”). If this happens, restart and try again otherwise the next big hits will kill him.

Dragon Bosses (Stage 10)

There are multiple dragon bosses that summon spirit dragons. This is similar in the sense of there being multiple enemies (the dragon, minions, plus the spirit it summons) so AoE damage still works great. However, with the dragon spirit summoned, a strong single-target multi-hitter is key for harder stages to take it out ASAP upon summon. Learning to manual these fights will prove to be a huge success.

You’ll still want to use a similar team composition as with the Spider Queen, except bring in Nadilus ideally as one of the Energy heroes. Be sure to manual him and save his Ultimate for when the spirit is summoned so he can quickly take it out. If you’re lacking in single-target Energy heroes for this role, you can also bring in Emma just for that specifically.

MVPs vs Energy Bond

Final Thoughts

You can pause, quit, and restart a battle and not lose heroes! Be willing to experiment to see what combinations work best for you. If you go in and someone dies too quick, go out of the battle, change something, and try again. Even positioning can make a huge difference. Keep in mind the more people that beat a Chapter, the more “Herald’s Power” you get and the easier it will be when you try again. Stuck completely? Wait til more people fill up the leaderboard and try again!

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