Published On: January 19, 2023
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Eternal Evolution – Twilight Lands Basics


Twilight Lands is the most difficult (but fun!) PvE content that Eternal Evolution has added so far. It gets harder as you progress through each chapter, fighting tough bosses and having to adjust teams as you change stages. The rewards for Twilight Lands make it worth the time invested.  Diamonds, Runes, SSS Hero Selection Cards, weapon upgrade materials, Mythic divine prototypes and more make up the variety of items to look forward to obtaining. It has a competitive aspect for those who can finish the highest levels in the fastest time – amazing rewards await!

How to Prepare

You can never have too many heroes to use for this content. Gear up those lower level units and prep them for battle! Be sure to max out your Class Technology before starting your battles as well. With Twilight, you can use your entire roster each day. When a hero dies, you can’t use them again until you’ve reset your team (this can be done once every 24 hours). You can, however, use as many heroes as you have to work on taking down a single stage. If you’re stuck for the day, use everything you’ve got to lower the enemy’s health as much as you can.

The Stages

Each chapter consists of 10 stages of different setups. There are multiple stages where you can pick which boss/bond you fight. Use this to your advantage and pick what is best for your account. There are also mini-bosses that can be quite tough and a big boss at the end. Try to pay attention carefully to the bonds as well as boss skills. For example, against some of the dragons that summon a spirit, killing the spirit quickly can help you be most successful. As people defeat the boss at the end of the stage, that stage becomes easier for everyone else (up to 10 buffs to help make the battle easier + free diamonds for all).

The Bonds

Each stage will suggest the best bond to beat it. The bonds are what help to give you advantages in each battle. However sometimes you can work around it and do your strongest team overall. For example, a team of Leo, Crete, 2 healers and a damage dealer (or 1 healer + Rez to boost damage dealer) can get through a lot of content. You don’t always NEED the bond to pass it, but the bonds make some of the stages dramatically easier. The bonds are as follows:

  • Generalist
    • “Damage taken by all units in the party from a single-target attack cannot exceed 30% of their Max HP.”
    • This is probably the most versatile bond that can push you through most content when you are stuck or be the go-to for easier waves. It allows you to build a well balanced team and gives you more options.
    • NOTE: You can no longer use this bond for the prevention of getting “one-shot” in other bond stages.
  • Energy
    • “When an allied Energy attacks a target with a summon, they inflict 200% (or 300%) bonus DMG.”
    • Energy heroes with AoE damage continue to be great against the spiders!
  • Hunter
    • “When an allied Hunter attacks a target with a shield, they inflict 200% bonus DMG.”
    • Always try to kill the boss(es) first that puts up the shield before the other enemies to get rid of the shields protecting everyone.
  • Tank
    • “For every 10 basic attacks received by allied Tanks within 5s, trigger an energy shock that affects enemies within 10m, reducing their ATK SPD for 8s.”
    • For this, even though there’s no tanks involved, a very strong team is also Leo, Crete, 2 healers + Bailey (Plus Hagradon/Gautier + Pain Rune + Flashpoint). Try this combination if you have it!
  • Summon
    • “DMG inflicted by allied summons to enemies affected by “Battle Spirit” is increased by 200% (or 300%)”
    • Simple enough, summoners do more damage here. Take advantage of the newer summoner commanders & divine prototypes.
  • Vanguard
    • “When a Vanguard inflicts DMG to an enemy with less than 100% HP, ignore 50% (or 100%) of the target’s damage reduction.”
    • Another place where Leo will shine! Also try out your other vanguards if built for damage.
  • CC
    • This one doesn’t have boosted bond description when you put it together or go against a battle suggesting a “cc bond”. Use heroes that have crowd control skills like Oisa, Hyupnos, Liran, Bohr, Crete, Emma and Sorietta.
    • Using the Hagradon/Gautier + Pain Rune + Flashpoint combination works great here too!

Final Thoughts

You can pause, quit, and restart a battle and not lose heroes! Be willing to experiment to see what combinations work best for you. If you go in and someone dies too quick, go out of the battle, change something, and try again. Even positioning can make a huge difference. Keep in mind the more people that beat a Chapter, the more “Herald’s Power” you get and the easier it will be when you try again. Stuck completely? Wait til more people fill up the leaderboard and try again!

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