Bear Vanguard





General Rating*:

*Rating for Campaign, Rift Fissure, Normal Soul Mine & Ancient Altar
Deesa Caves:
Tara Dome:
Cinsaro Marsh:
Soul Mine (Faction):

Bohr is a bear-looking creature that has a good kit for Crowd Controlling enemies with stuns. He is a great tank as well as he provides himself with comfortable shields!


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Bohr enters Wrath Form and becomes bigger, lasting for 6.5 sec. Bohr will then smash the ground and deal 500% ATK DMG to all enemies within the target range. When Bohr’s HP is lower than 70%, DMG Taken will deduct his max HP instead of current HP.
Area damage is increased to 550% .
Area damage is increased to 600% .
EX:For every 10% health lost, Bear Vanguard gets 2% permanent damage reduction.


The higher the health ratio of Bear Vanguard, the more damage the target will take, and the longer the stun time will be. Up to 200% damage and 2 seconds stun.
Maximum damage is increased to 220% .
Maximum damage is increased to 240% .
Maximum damage is increased to 260% .Maximum stun is increased to 3 seconds.
EX:EX effect When in “Wrath” form, this skill now has area of effect damage.

Bear Shield

Bohr gains a Shield equal to 10% of his max HP for 12 sec.
Shield is increased to 12% of max. hp.
Shield is increased to 14% of max. hp.
EX:When Bohr gains the Shield, he will gain an additional 9% DMG REDUC for 12 sec.

Primal Blood

When Bohr’s HP drops below 50% for the first time, he immediately gains a Bear Shield equal to 6% of Max HP for 6s.
Defense is increased up to 17% .
Defense is increased up to 19% .
EX:The triggering condition of the DEF buff is reduced to over 30% HP.

Build Recommendations

Build: Damage Reduction, LP, DEF (ACC)

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