Published On: November 11, 2022
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Guild Technology Coming to Eternal Evolution

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Eternal Evolution is still a brand new game, with its global release just a few days ago, however, we are already excited to see that the team is already pushing updates to the game in the form of a new guild system that will be hitting the live server very soon.

We don’t know too much about this system or how it will work but the team at Eternal Evolution has put out a teaser on their social media channels with a screenshot of how it will look in the game.

Here is what they had to say:

👀[Guild Technology Sneak Peek]👀
Dear Commanders,
Although the Guild Technology is still under development, we have asked for some interfacial design materials of the system from the Dev Team to share with you. When the Guild Technology is available in the game, you will be able to increase different attributes of the heroes of seven classes! Let’s take a look at the pictures below and guess how it works in the comments! 🤩
📝Note: The texts (typos), stats, and icons on the interfaces are for reference only.
New Guild System
It is very nice to see that the team at Eternal Evolution is already working on the next steps of the game since its launch earlier this week. We have already established an active community and guild in the game so if you would like to get involved in this new game with us then download it now using this link.
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