Published On: March 3, 2023
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Rise of Heroes Event Guide


What is Rise of Heroes?

Rise of Heroes is a regularly occurring event that lasts for 14 days. It’s a great opportunity to get a ton of free resources as long as you use your tickets daily. It even includes getting a new free Elite hero; that’s able to be made immortal through the event alone!

The event is made up of Scrolling Stages, Boss Challenges, the Raffle Shop and Event missions. Let’s discuss how to maximize your rewards from this event.

Scrolling Stages

The Scrolling Stages first need to be unlocked by completing the Normal and Hard modes one time. After the stages have been done once, you can sweep them daily. Each stage requires use of a Level Challenge Ticket. It’s best suggested to spend diamonds to get 300 tickets daily for use during the event; the rewards are worth it! After initially completing it, and every day after, go through and “Sweep” all of the Hard stages. After, go to Normal and Sweep as many as possible at stage 1-10. After this, go on to complete the Boss stages.

Boss Challenge

The Boss Challenge in recent events have all had a boss very similar to Turbine from Guild Hunt. The boss does various AoE attacks, increases damage every 20s into the battle and takes more damage from summons. As expected, it’s another place in the game where a summoner team will really shine. You’ll have to clear each difficulty once to unlock the next one.

Sweep the Purgatory boss daily if you’re able to. If not, it’s best to wait until the end of the event to see if your account has progressed to where you are able to beat it, then do all sweeps. If you are far from Purgatory, getting the rewards from Hell boss will still be sufficient to be able to get enough copies of the Hero from rewards to Evolve them to Immortal. Newer account and unable to do Hell? At least sweep Hard boss mode. Keep in mind you can also use multiple tickets to beat a boss, you just can’t Sweep it unless it’s done with 1 attempt. After you’re done with your boss battles, head on over to the Raffle Shop.

The Raffle Shop

The Raffle Shop uses the Hero Tokens (Raffle Tickets) you get from completing the Scrolling Stages and the Boss Challenges. Make sure you use 5 daily for the Daily mission. You don’t, however, need to use them all daily; they will stock up. The best strategy here is to summon them in groups of 10 at a time, making sure you collect the Hero Shards and ALL of the Limited Recruitment Cards or Gene Hybrid Shards before moving on to Reset Prize Pool. If you do the Sweeps of Scrolling Stages daily and complete all your Boss Challenges, you’ll be able to get multiple copies of the event Hero; enough to get them to Immortal level.

Event Missions

There are daily missions which help you get the currency for the Raffle system. These are simple and quick to get done. Achievements are for the entire span of the event. Everyone can complete all of them, even if with a brand new account. When it comes to the Achievements regarding unlocking boss battles, you have to clear each difficulty to unlock the one after it. Luckily, however, you don’t have to beat it with only 1 attempt, you can use multiple. For example, if it takes you 4 tickets to complete Hell, you will unlock Purgatory. This will allow you to collect the Achievement for “Unlock boss battle (Purgatory)”.

NOTE: You used to be able to just use 1 ticket on Hell and it would unlock Purgatory and allow you to collect that achievement. This is no longer the case; you need to fully beat the boss level now to unlock the next one.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss a day with this and it will pay off! This event is probably the best in the game for overall resources from a “F2P friendly” stand point. Free Elite Hero, Limited Recruitment Cards, Gene Hybrid shards and more… What’s not to love?!

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