Published On: November 24, 2022
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Thanksgiving Promotions in Eternal Evolution

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Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with your family and give thanks, well this year we have a lot to thank the team at Eternal Evolution for with their thanksgiving promotions.

Not only are there multiple events running in the game but there are also some amazing promos running to boost your account this holiday season!

Thanksgiving Promo Codes:

  • thanksgivingDC
  • Thanksgivingday

Both of these promo codes will reward players with a Thanksgiving Turkey. These can be claimed from your bag and have a chance of dropping multiple rewards:


  • Superior Resource Pack (14.29%)
  • Candalon Chest (14.29%)
  • Epic Rune (14.29%)
  • Elite Rune (14.29%)
  • Advanced Recruitment Card (14.29%)
  • Recruitment Card (14.29%)
  • Soul Potion (14.29%)

If we discover more promotions running over the thanksgiving weekend we are sure to update this page so be sure to check back to see if there are any more updates over the weekend! We would like to thank the team at Eternal Evolution for running this amazing promotion to help players boost their accounts!

If you want to try our Eternal Evolution you can download the game now through our link here.

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