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Published On: March 22, 2024
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The time has come again to embark on a new adventure in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, with the third season, dubbed as the most exciting yet, sure to be a favourite amongst hardcore players.

This new season will bring a whole host of updates, including, but not exclusive to:

Let’s **dive** in and check out what we know about season 3 so far…

Setting the Scene:

Apologies if you noticed my awful pun in the line above, but yes, we’re back under water with Season 3 being set in the new zone; Sea of the Dead. In Season 3 we embark on a journey to help the Merfolks rebuild their Equinoxial, culminating in us completely defeating the Abyssolossus you we fought as a weekly boss in Season 2.

New Elemental Affinities & Psychicore:

That’s right, we guessed it, this season is back to what we first experienced in the Beta of Dragonheir, so some players will already have some ideas about which heroes they are going to be pairing.

Power of Blaze; Radiance & Fire

Power of Withering; Poison & Ice

Power of Daze; Necrosis & Lightning

If you want my honest opinion, the first 2 are going to be incredibly strong pairings for sure, however, I’m a little bit sceptical of the lack of support in the Necrosis and Lightning pairing, however, I’m sure as the season unravels, I will be proven wrong!

These new pairings come with all-new Psychicore bonuses, however, while the majority of the tiers stay the same as previous seasons, the final tier’s damage bonuses are a bit different to season 2, where we had unique effects that boosted our damage based on interactions (killing enemies, using skills, etc)

Fire/Radiance: Hero Attack +13%/26%/39%

Poison/Ice: Damage dealt by Ice/Posion Hero +5%/+10%/+15%

Necrosis/Lightning: Hero Crit Damage +10%/+20%/+30%

3 New Damage Types:

Season 3, similar to season 2 will bring 3 brand new types of damage into the game, last season we received a new type for Ice, Fire and Lightning. This season, the other 3 Elements, Poison, Necrosis and Radiance will each receive a new damage type.

  • Necrosis – Shadow
  • Radiance – Aura
  • Poison – Corrosion

With each of these new damage types, several new heroes will come, featuring multiple Legendaries, Epics, Rares and most notably, a new Exclusive Legendary Hero for each type!

The exclusive Heroes are as follows:

  • Ozul – Shadow
  • Rook – Corrosion
  • Aemonleyda – Aura

We will be writing up separate articles for each of these damage types; diving deeper into how they work and breaking down the new heroes that are added for their respective damage type.

31 New Heroes:

As with each new season, a host of new heroes are added to bolster the elements, not just for their new Damage types, but also giving us more options for DEF and Support Heroes to strengthen the cores of our teams, unfortunately, there are not additions to the pre-existing Damage types (this time, we may see more in future seasons however)

This season’s additions consist of:

  • 16x Legendaries
  • 11x Epics
  • 4x Rares

The buttons below will direct you to the articles covering all of the new heroes.

New Equipment and Artifacts:

Season 3 brings in a huge change for how equipment will work going forwards, with the addition of some incredibly strong 1-piece Equipment items, that grant you instant bonuses, which can be used alongside the existing model of the 2-3-piece sets.

Below you can find articles breaking down the specifics of these new sets.

As for Artifacts, once again we’ve gained an influx of new artifacts in Season 3, including the 3 New Exclusive Heroes artifacts, but we also have brand new artifacts for completing Pillar of Trials and Fey Meander this season.

In the article linked below, you can find a detailed breakdown of the new artifacts for season 3 as well as our opinions on how we think they will be used.

Season 3 Boss Changes:

Once again with the new season in full swing, there have been some tweaks to each of the Dungeon bosses, but as well as that, there are 2 new bosses coming into the game (that we know of so far!)

One of which is a new Fey Meander Boss, which we will aim to write a detailed guide on as soon as possible!

Visually she looks very similar to the OG Boss of Fey Meander, Ravatrix!

That’s all for the Season 3 Overview – Let us know what you think below!

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