Published On: December 2, 2022
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Eternal Evolution Dropped a New Patch!


Eternal Evolution have dropped a new patch for December 1st 2022 and it is a big juicy one so lets digest what we have! From new Guild Bosses, class technology and more! Eternal Evolution have been keeping up to date with new patches and game modes added into the game, and they are very enjoyable so you should take advantage of the high frequency events as to get the most rewards that you possibly can! Patches have been dropped frequently so be sure to check back on our site for further updates!

Guild Hunt

In this December patch there is a new Guild Hunt where there are three new bosses! You have the Scythe Spider, Atlas Whale and the Turbine V5. You are going to need your Guild to rally up and attack the Guild Hunt when it’s available!

Some key points about the new Guild Hunt:

  • You need to earn points to unlock Guild Hunt by fighting the Daily Boss
  • You can unlock it up to 3x per week
  • You get 4 attacks on day 1 then an additional 2 attacks on day 2
  • The whole guild contributes damage
  • Each boss you beat unlocks the next boss
  • After you’ve beaten all 3 bosses the cycle repeats but the bosses are stronger with more HP and Damage
  • Heroes of the Week get +30% ATK/HP and DEF so use these when possible (if they are leveled with gear)
  • You get Purple and Red USB sticks which you level up the new Class Technology
  • Try to down as much of the Guild Hunt as possible and try to get your guild to use all their attacks!

Scythe Spider

The Scythe Spider’s skills are as follows:

  • Summon Puppet – When the battle begins, summon 6 spider minions; the minions will have a symbiosis with sickle spider. Symbiosis – When a minions spider takes damage, the sickle spider receives the same damage.
  • Sticky Web – Cover the Battlefield with webs that reduce the AS of units on them for 8secs.
  • Toxic Spit – Inflict 300% ATK as DMG to enemies within a straight frontal line and apply a stack of VenomVenom – Inflict 50% ATK as DMG every 1.5secs for 6secs.
  • Rage Toxin – Within 8secs after this skill is cast, if no servant spiders receives direct DMG, the Scythe Spider cast Rage Toxin on all enemies. Rage Toxin – Inflict 1000% ATK as DMG. then 500% ATK as DMG per second for 6secs.
  • Passive – Damage Increase – Bosses increase their attack power by 20% every 20 seconds.

You are going to need AOE damage to kill those spiderlings like you do in Cinsaro Marsh! Otherwise your team will just be eaten alive and you won’t get any damage out and you’ll waste an attack. The spider will become increasingly difficult from their passive so make sure to do as much damage ASAP, do not hold back!

Atlas Whale

The Atlas Whale’s abilities are as follows:

  • Wave Attack – Summon three layers of waves, each dealing 50% damage to all units.
  • Water Pillar – The jet water column deals 400% damage to the target, giving priority to units in the distance. When there are no targets in melee, this ability is released frequently and the damage is higher.
  • Deep Sea Shield – Protoss Whales receive 50 layers of shields for 8 seconds, and the damage they receive when the shield is present decreases by 80%; Lose a Shield with each damage you take. Break all shields within the duration, and the whale will fall into a weak state, in which the whale damage will increase with the number of attacks he receives; the faster you break your shield, the longer your stun lasts.
  • Passive – Damage Increase – The boss increases attack power by 10% every 30 seconds.

For this Guild Hunt you should treat it like you would with Deesa caves and use a team similar to smack the big Whale! Your damage is multiplied by how many hits you get onto the boss therefore you are going to need your multi-hitters pumping out with as many attacks as they can to try and boost those numbers!

Turbine V5

Turbine V5’s abilities are as follows:

  • Stun Missile – Launch 3 missiles at the unit that has inflicted the most recent DMG. Each missile inflicts 300% ATK as DMG and stuns the target for 5secs.
  • Missile Bombardment – After charging for 3secs, the user launches missiles that inflict DMG based on the number of enemies on the battlefield. The more enemies on the battlefield, the lower the damage.
  • Penetrating Strafe – Inflicts 300% ATK as DMG to enemies in a straight line ahead,
  • Flame Jet – Inflicts 400% ATK as DMG to enemies in a fan-shaped area ahead.
  • Achilles Heel – 500% more damage from summons; 20% reduction in damage taken by enemy heroes.
  • Damage Increase – Starting from 50secs, bosses increase their attack power by 20% every 10 seconds.

The best way to take down this beastly machine is using summoners as they will do the most in this guild hunt! Your guild will need to take down the hunts before to get onto this boss. But get a team of summons to do the work! Get the minions to tank the damage for your main heroes then let then smack the boss from behind your summoned minions.


Class Technology

The class technology is a new area in the game where you can buff a class of champions for example you may choose to buff your Tanks or Hunters by increasing their damage or Defence.

Here you should pick the class that will benefit you most, so have a look at your heroes and see what you think is the most important for you! For most people Energy or Hunter class will be their main DPS and tanks or vanguard will be their main frontlines.

You don’t get too much resources at the start so you’ll need to plan accordingly and choose one class to start with. As you progress in the guild hunts above you’ll get more and more tokens to upgrade your Class Technology then you can start to expand on the classes to make them better.

This is personal so it doesn’t matter what your guild upgrade that won’t affect your class technology!

This is a great way to get some bonuses stats to help you progress further into the game.

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