Published On: November 29, 2022
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Eternal Evolution Guild vs Guild coming soon?!


Eternal Evolution has recently brought to light that the new Guild vs Guild PvP feature will be in the game in as little as two weeks! This will be a huge update as it will be our first taste of Guilds having an impact, other than the Daily challenge of course. This will make the guilds more competitive and will add a new flavour of bragging rights because now you will fight to see who has the best guild!

We are sure that many HH Gaming guilds will face off when we go to war as we have so many of them. Therefore, this will be a great way to show who can come out on top! If you face off vs another HH Gaming Guild why not share it in the Eternal Evolution section on the discord here! That way everyone can see the rivalry that is going on!

Above are a couple of images that Eternal Evolution have previewed and the set-up looks really cool almost like an old school Clash of Clans Clan Wars. We can see the home screen by the looks of it where you can see what guild you are facing plus ranks of the guild.

Then you can see the battle layout and how it will look once you go into the War Zone. You’ll see the players and their Power. Then you’ll have to decide in your clan who is going to take on who because you are going to want to max the number of rewards you can get so you’ll want to defeat as many players as possible to get those max rewards!

You can also see the challenge points in the bottom left. This looks to be checkpoints to either get better rewards or it will show your progression in this Guild Vs Guild war.

What are the rules of Guild vs Guild?

  • You need to register to join the guild war. And each guild should have at least 10 participants to start the fight with another guild.
  • You need to set your defensive lineups after registration. And you will attack the defensive lineups of another guild when the guild war starts.
  • You can pick 3 enemies at most from the opponent guild to attack after the guild war starts.
  • You will get more challenge points to improve the guild ranking for more rewards as you win more battles.
  • You need to fight against 3 guilds a week to collect as many points as possible to obtain more rewards for the whole guild.
  • Your rank in the Galactic Arena will affect the guild matching. The more members with higher ranks a guild has, the stronger opponent guilds you will meet in the guild war.
  • The rules mentioned above have not been finalised yet. Please check more details in the guild system when this feature is available in the game later.

These rules are a good start so we can see what the base of the Guild Vs Guild feature will look like. And it looks awesome it will be good to get that community feel to a game where you’ll need to discuss with your guild who is attacking who because you only get a limited number of attacks so strategy will be vital to achieving the most amount of points possible!

They also say in the rules above that you can do three guild wars a week so you’ll be facing new opponents every other day (if you’re consistent with it).

What about Galactic Arena?

Galatic arena will affect how you rank in this so the higher ranked players will face higher ranked opponents, this may cause a downfall in Galactic arena but this will all depend on the prizes you can get from Guild Vs Guild because if they massively outweigh Galactic arena rewards then why focus on the arena when you can swipe easy lobbies in Guild vs Guild?! Lets just hope there is a good balance to the system that decides who faces who in the Guild vs Guild.

There has been a lot of questions asked on their facebook page about cross servers and by the looks of things you will be fighting some guilds from other servers. (If this changes we will update you)

There is promise to this feature though! Lets hope they roll it out smoothly and we will update you with any further news! Let us know in the comments below what are your opinions on the way Guild Vs Guild is going to be run?!

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