Published On: December 5, 2022
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Eternal Evolution New Champion: Leo


The team at Eternal Evolution has just dropped information on their social media pages with details of the new SSS champion that is being added to the game – Leo. This Wenfyr Vanguard Hero will be added to the game in the upcoming patch and he looks to be a powerhouse to mix up the meta and improve your overall roster. As with all Champions in Eternal Evolution you will need multiple copies of Leo to start to see his true potential, however, he has a very interesting kit that could become a staple in many teams over time.

Here is what we know about Leo:

The new SSS-level Wenfyr Vanguard Hero LEO will be available in the new version. You can recruit him at the Limited Recruitment event after the update on Thursday! Check out his skills below, and tell us what you think about him in the comments!

Hero Faction: Wenfyr
Hero Class: Vanguard
Hero Rarity: SSS-level
Hero Characteristics: Charge forward, be immortal

[Hero Skills Information]

Energy Skill – Storm:
Active effect: Leo spins his double blades and rushes to the target area, causing 250% ATK DMG to enemies along the way for a total of three times. Leo will not be affected by any control effect during skill use.
Passive effect: All damage caused by Leo cannot be Critical Strikes.
Talent Effect: This skill has 30% lifesteal effect.

Basic Skill – Thunder: Leo sends out a roar to deter the enemy, causing 400% ATK DMG to nearby enemies, and increasing the damage they take in the next 5 seconds by 10%.
Talent Effect: Damage increasing effect enhanced to 15% and duration increased by 3 seconds.

Basic Skill – Raging Wave: After entering the battlefield, Leo will permanently gain a basic ATK boost of 1.5% of his maximum health.
In battle, the lower the proportion of Leo’s current HP, the higher his ATK. ATK increases by 0.8% for each 1% reduction in HP with an upper limit of 30% remaining HP.
Talent Effect: There is no upper limit to the effect of increasing ATK by reducing HP.

Passive – Mountain: Leo’s damage reduction is increased by 20%, and energy regeneration on hit by 40%.
When Leo receives lethal DMG, he defies death and all DMG for the next 4 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once per battle.
Talent Effect: At the end of damage immunity effect, Leo will recover 15% of their maximum HP at one time.[Exclusive Equipment: Great Han’s double blades] 1: “Mountain” Skill Enhancement: The duration of damage immunity increases by 3 seconds.
2: “Thunder” Skill Enhancement: When the skill is released, adds a shield equal to 8% of Max. HP.
3: “Mountain” Skill Enhancement: When the death immunity effect is triggered, Leo immediately recovers 600 energy.
4: “Mountain” Skill Enhancement: When the death immunity effect is triggered, the next damage from an energy skill will be increased by 50%.

Note: The values of Leo’s skills and Exclusive Equipment in this text are for reference only, and the actual values in the game shall prevail

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