Published On: December 21, 2022

Eternal Evolution Patch Notes – Christmas Events!


Eternal Evolution is continuing its trend of improving the game and adding new features with this week’s update. We are very happy to see that our community is getting involved and enjoying the development of this game. Over the past 6 or so weeks since launch, we have seen a fantastic effort from the development team to improve and build on the core of the game and hope that this will continue to be a running trend in the game.


Official Patch Notes

Eternal Evolution will undergo scheduled maintenance on SEA servers on December 22nd, at 7:00 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 120 minutes, and another maintenance on the rest of the servers (including EU, Traditional CN, Asia, and NA servers) at around 9:00 AM (GMT/UTC+0) for 30 minutes to apply a new version. During the maintenance period, the servers will be closed in sequence at the corresponding time, so please prepare in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience. We would love to offer you 500 Diamonds as a compensatory gift, please claim it in your mailbox after the update. :gem:

Version Update Details:

[New Heroes and Hero Optimizations]

  • New Hero: Daniel. He is an SSS-level Terran Summon Hero skilled in mixed damage and enhancement of summons.
  • Changed Khalazza’s class to Summon and adjusted his skills:
  • Added a cooldown to Khalazza’s Mirror Image skill: Khalazza can create only one doppelganger every 6 seconds when his basic attack deals critical damage.
  • The time that the doppelgangers last increases from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Optimized the displacement logic of Leo’s Storm skill.

[New Events and Event Optimizations]

  • The Christmas special events which include the Snowfield Battle, the Christmas Tree Wish, and the Christmas Lucky Spin will open on all servers.
    *Event Description: You can get event items like candies and Christmas stockings in the Snowfield Battle to make wishes in the Christmas Tree Wish to get snowflakes and Daniel’s Christmas Skin. Then you can use the snowflakes to get a lot of hero development resources, Daniel’s copies, and Emma’s Christmas skin in the Christmas Lucky Spin!
  • A new Limited Recruitment event will open on most servers: You will be able to recruit Daniel, Muka, and Khalazza at higher rates.
  • Optimized Twilight Lands event: Added stages for summon heroes; Added new summon bonds; Adjusted the paths; Added new mythic divine prototypes as rewards.

[Game Content Adjustments and Optimizations]

  • Added a Skin system and two new skins: Emma’s and Daniel’s Christmas skins.
  • Added an SSS-level Summon Commander: Enlighten
  • Skill Description:
    Skill 1: All Summons gain some ATK and AS bonuses.
    Skill 2: When 3 or more Summoners are deployed:
    1) When an enemy uses a displacement skill, increase the received DMG for a few seconds.
    2) When in PvP (including Regular Arena, Galactic Arena, and Summit Arena), increase the ATK and Max HP of allied units.

That’s all for this version’s main content. However, the update content may be changed, and the upcoming new version shall prevail. If you encounter any problems after the update, please contact us in the Help Center, and we will help you solve the problems ASAP. :revolving_hearts:

Enjoy your game!


New Hero: Daniel

The new SSS-level Terran Summon Hero Daniel will be available in the new version. You can get him at the Limited Recruitment event and the Christmas event after the update this week! Check out his skills below, and tell us what you think about him in the comments!
Hero Faction: Terran
Hero Class: Summon
Hero Rarity: SSS-level
Hero Characteristics: Summon Buff, Mecha Lord

[Hero Skills Information]

Energy Skill – Dire Bear:
Active effect: Daniel summons a Dire Bear to smash down at the target location, inflicting 200% ATK DMG to enemies within 2 m, and stunning them for 3.5 seconds. There can be up to 1 Dire Bear on the battlefield.
Dire Bear: Inherit 100% of Daniel’s ATK and DEF, and HP equal to 2600% of his ATK. Has 35% DMG reduction, 20% DMG bonus, 30% CRIT RATE, and 30% CRIT DMG. The Dire Bear lasts for 6s, cannot move, and can only use “EMP” to attack.
EMP: The Dire Bear inflicts 120% ATK as DMG every 0.5s to all enemies within 2m, lasting for 2s. Cooldown: 1s. When enemies in the EMP area are attacked by summons, they receive 50% bonus DMG.
Talent Effect: Increased the damage and EMP skill radius of the Dire Bear by 1m.

Basic Skill – Eagle:
Daniel summons an eagle to join the fight. If an eagle is already on the battlefield, using this skill again will cast “Heat Bomb” immediately.
Eagle: Inherit 90% of Daniel’s ATK and DEF, and HP equal to 400% of his ATK. Has 20% DMG bonus and 30% CRIT RATE. A long-ranged unit with the “Heat Bomb” skill.
Heat Bomb: Inflict DMG equal to 250% of the Eagle’s ATK to the target and all enemies within a surrounding radius of 3m.
Talent Effect: Reduce the cooldown of the “Heat Bomb” skill by 2s.

Basic Skill – Jaguar:
Daniel summons a jaguar to join the fight.
Jaguar: Inherit 100% of Daniel’s ATK and DEF, and HP equal to 1200% of his ATK. Has 30% DMG reduction, 20% basic attack DMG bonus, and 1000 bonus AS. Melee attack unit.
If there is already a Jaguar on the battlefield, casting this skill will cause the Jaguar to explode, inflicting 400% ATK DMG to enemies within range. The user then summons another Jaguar next to them.
Talent Effect: When Daniel receives single DMG that exceeds 20% of Max HP, the Jaguar receives the DMG instead.

Passive – Spatial Seal:
When there are 4 or more than 4 summons on the battlefield at the same time, Daniel gains an aura:
1. When an enemy on the battlefield uses a displacement skill, reduce CRIT RATE by 30% for 5s.
2. Allied summons gain 13% ATK and DEF.
The aura lasts until the end of the battle or Daniel’s death.
Talent Effect: Daniel’s summons gain doubled ATK and DEF bonuses.

[Exclusive Equipment: Black Knight]
1: Deploys an Eagle when entering the battlefield.
2: Once per battle, when there are 4 or more than 4 summons on the battlefield at the same time, the cooldown of Eagle and Jaguar summons is permanently reduced by 3s.
3: Enhanced Ultimate Skill: The Dire Bear’s EMP skill inflicts 25% bonus DMG and no longer has a cooldown.
4: Enhanced Ultimate Skill: The Dire Bear lasts 3s longer.


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