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*Rating for Campaign, Rift Fissure, Normal Soul Mine & Ancient Altar
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Daniel was added to the game as part of the Christmas 2022 Events, and became available for a Limited Summon Event.

Daniel has solidified his place in almost every team in Eternal Evolution, with his insanely strong damage and control capabilities, in fact if we could rate him higher than 5* we likely would.

Daniel can work in and out of Summoner Based teams and does not rely on his fellow Summoners to provide an essential role in any team, whether it be campaign, arena, Twilight Lands or Guild Hunt.


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Dire Bear

Daniel summons a Dire Bear to smash down at the target location, inflicting 200% ATK DMG to all enemies within 2m, and stunning them for 3.5 seconds, There can be up to 1 Dire Bear on the battlefield.

Dire Bear: Inherit 100% of Daniel’s ATK and DEF and HP equal to 2600% of his ATK. Has 35% DMG Reduction, 20% DMG bonus, 30% CRIT RATE and 30% CRIT DMG.

The Dire Bear lasts for 7.5s, cannot move and can only use “EMP” to attack.

EMP: The Dire Bear inflicts 120% ATK as DMG every 0.5s to all enemies within 2m, lasting for 2s. Cooldown: 1s.
When enemies in the EMP area are attacked by summons, they receive 50% Bonus damage.

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