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General Rating*:

*Rating for Campaign, Rift Fissure, Normal Soul Mine & Ancient Altar
Deesa Caves:
Tara Dome:
Cinsaro Marsh:
Soul Mine (Faction):

Emma is a great champion for Deesa Caves as she has a 6 multi-hit in quick success. She has great Damage Multipliers and can really cause havoc so get her levelled and into your teams.

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Arrow Rain

Emma fires violently at the target enemy for 3s. When shooting, Emma will fire at least 6 crossbow arrows, with each arrow inflicting DMG equal to 210% of ATK.
Emma fires an additional normal crossbow arrow for every 200 points of bouns AS, up to a total of 11 arrows.
DMG is increased to 230%.
DMG is increased to 250%.
EX: When violent fire end, Emma shoots an additional giant crossbow arrow at the enemy, inflicting DMG equal to 500% of ATK.

Mini Bombs

Emma plants a bomb on the enemy that explodes after 8s, inflicting 570% ATK DMG.
Each attack from Emma increases bomb DMG by 10%, stacking up to 4 times.
DMG is increased to 620%.
DMG is increased to 670%.
DMG is increased to 720%.
EX: When “Arrow Rain” hits an enemy, bombs are fully stacked and immediately detonated.

Weapon Activation

Emma activates her weapon for 6s, during which each basic attack inflicts an additional 200% ATK DMG. DMG inflicted by Emma during this time cannot Crit.
Additional DMG increased to 215%.
Additional DMG increased to 230%.
EX: During the duration of weapon acticvation, Emma gains 200 points AS.

Precision Shot

Emma’s basic attacks and “Arrow Rain” skill have an 16% chance to inflict stun for 0.2s.
When Emma’s ACC reaches 20 points, the duration of stun is increased to 0.3 seconds.
When Emma’s ACC reaches 60 points, the duration of stun is increased to 0.4 seconds.
Increased the chance of stunning targets by 18%.
Increased the chance of stunning targets by 20%.
EX: When Emma’s ACCreaches 100 points, her Mini Bombs inclict 15% bouns DMG.

Build Recommendations

Build: ATK, (ACC)

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