Guan Yu

Dragon God

Guan Yu




General Rating*:

*Rating for Campaign, Rift Fissure, Normal Soul Mine & Ancient Altar
Deesa Caves:
Tara Dome:
Cinsaro Marsh:
Soul Mine (Faction):

Guan Yu has thick armour and a massive weapon to stand at the frontline to take and dish out a lot of damage. He does big AOE Damage and is a great hero to add to any roster.

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Noblesse Oblige

Guan Yu leaps high and launches a heavy cleave at any enemies in front of him, inflicting 100% DEF as DMG.
Damage increased to 110% of DEF.
Damage increased to 120% of DEF.
EX: This skill inflicts 20% bonus DMG for each stack of Bleed on the target.

Draconic Power

Guan Yu stomps on the ground, inflicting 220% DEF as DMG to enemies in a fan-shaped frontal area, then shoving them in front.
Damage increased to 240% of DEF.
Damage increased to 260% of DEF.
Damage increased to 280% of DEF.
EX: Enemies hit lose 20% DEF for 5s.


Guan Yu swings his blade in a circle, inflicting 190% DEF as DMG to surrounding enemies.And increase own damage reduction by 20% for 6 seconds.
Damage increased to 200% of DEF.
Damage increased to 210% of DEF.
EX: Every time an enemy is hit, Guan Yu’s HP is restored by 150% of his defense.

Warrior Legend

Guan Yu’s attacks cause Bleed, which inflicts 10% DEF as DMG per second for 5s, stacking up to 5 times.
The DMG of Bleed is increased to 11% of DEF.
The DMG of Bleed is increased to 12% of DEF.
EX: The DMG to Bleeding targets is increased by 7%.

Build Recommendations

Build: DEF, Damage Reduction, (LP, ACC)

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