Psionic Overlord





General Rating*:

*Rating for Campaign, Rift Fissure, Normal Soul Mine & Ancient Altar
Deesa Caves:
Tara Dome:
Cinsaro Marsh:
Soul Mine (Faction):

Hyupnos is a bug-like creature that Counterattacks and Crowd Controls enemy units. Hyupnos is a very strong support-type hero that will allow your damage dealers a chance to get their attacks in while taking some of the heat off of your tank for a while allowing it to live longer. Support heroes are very important in the later stages of the game and in PvP.  Hyupnos’s attack Arcane Concentration (when upgraded) also provides a very good speed buff for all allies inside it.

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Power Surge

Casts an arcane spell to suppress an enemy. The suppressed enemy cannot take any action. For 3 seconds during the suppression process, it will continue to deal 200% damage to the enemy
Overall damage dealt to the enemy is increased to 220%.
Overall damage dealt to the enemy is increased to 240%.
EX: Power Surge will deal damage to all enemies within a small range around the target and suppress them.

Arcane Concentration

Becomes the center of psionic powers and continuously gather energy for 3 seconds. If an enemy casts an ability within the boundary of this center, it suffers a Power Surge, taking 150% damage and are stunned for 2 seconds. At the end of channeling, Psionic Overlord gathers all the energies around him and bombards its foes for 200% damage, stunning them for 3 seconds.
Increase the bombardment damage to 220%.
Increase the bombardment damage to 240%.
Increase the bombardment damage to 260%.
Alllies within the center increase 7% speed.

Arcane Echo

Injects an unstable arcane energy into the enemy, dealing 100% damage and increase enemy damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds.
Damage dealt is increased to 110%
Damage dealt is increased to 120%
Arcane Echo applies to two enemies at the same time, but DMG inflicted and DEF reduction are reduced to 60%.

Grand Magus

If the enemy takes damage within 3 seconds from a negative effect imposed by a Psionic Overlord, enemy will lose health equal to 120% attack and 1% of the target’s maximum health
Increase the max health damage to 1.5%.
Increase the max health damage to 2.0%.
The DMG effect lasts for 4s.

Build Recommendations

Build: DEF, Damage Reduction, (LP, ACC)

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