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Leo is a new champion that was added to Eternal Evolution in the December 2022 patch. Leo is an absolute powerhouse because you are able to build him extremely tanky with high HP and this will in turn increase the amount of damage that he deals. Leo has passive effects that increase the damage that he deals the closer to death he gets, an if you are able to kill him, he will become immune to all damage for a certain amount of time giving him space to rip through his opponents. With the added Tallent Effect, after this damage immunity expires, Leo will also gain 15% of his HP back allowing him even more time to support your team and rip through opponents. Leo is an S Tier champion that stands toe to toe with the best champions in the game.

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Active Effect: Leo spins his double blades and rushes to the target area, causing 240% ATK DMG to enemies along the way for a total of three times. Leo will not be affected by any controll effect during skill use.

Passive Effect: All damage caused by Leo cannot be Critical Strikes.

Level 2: DMG to 270% of ATK.

Talent Effect: This skill has 35% lifesteal effect.


Leo ends out a roar to deter the enemy, causing 310% ATK DMG to nearby enemies, and increasing the damage they take in the next 5 seconds by 10%.
Level 2: Damage increased to 350% of ATK.
Level 3: Damage increased to 390% of ATK.
Level 4: Damage increased to 430% of ATK.
Level 5: Damage increased to 470% of ATK.

Talent Effect: Damage increasing effect enhanced to 15% and duration increased by 3 seconds.

Raging Wave

After entering the battlefield, Leo will permanently gain a basic ATK boost of 1.5% of his maximum health.
In battle, the lower the proportion of Leo’s current HP, the higher his ATK. ATK increases by 1% for each 1% reduction in HP with an upper limit of 30% remaining HP.
Level 2: ATK increases by 1% for each 1.1% reduction in HP.
Level 3: ATK increases by 1% for each 1.2% reduction in HP.
Level 4: ATK increases by 1% for each 1.3% reduction in HP.

Talent Effect: There is no upper limit to the effect of increasing ATK by reducing HP.


Leo’s damage reduction is increased by 3%
When Leo receives lethal DMG, he defies death and all DMG for the next 3 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once per battle.
Level 2: Damage reduction is increased to 4%
Level 3: Damage reduction is increased to 5%
Level 4: Damage reduction is increased to 6%

Talent Effect: At the end of the damage immunity effect, Leo will recover 15% of their maximum HP at one time.

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