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*Rating for Campaign, Rift Fissure, Normal Soul Mine & Ancient Altar
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Cinsaro Marsh:
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Oisa is a tank that you’ll get early into the game. She is a good placeholder until you get better heroes! She has some Crowd Control which will help when clearing Frontline!

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Light of Heaven

Summon a bolt of light from the sky to strike enemies, inflicting 300% DEF as DMG and 40% slow to enemies within the specified range for 3s.
The DMG is increased to 330% of DEF.
The DMG is increased to 360% of DEF.
EX: Increase the radius of Divine Light. This spell stuns enemies in the center of light for 2s and slows enemies not in the center by 60% for 3s.

Light Impact

The user swings their weapon to create an arc light wave, inflicting 200% DEF as DMG to the target and 60% slow for 2s.
The DMG is increased to 220% of DEF.
The DMG is increased to 240% of DEF.
EX: The slowing effect of this skill is upgraded to knock the enemy down.

Shield of Light

Lift shield for increased defence and immune to control effects. Increases defence to 72%.
While shield is lifted, increase defence to 80%.
While shield is lifted, increase defence to 88%.
While shield is lifted, increase defence to 96%.
EX: Increases the defence of same row Ally by 25% for 5 seconds

Holy Light

After casting a skill, Oisa’s weapon will be charged. The next Basic Attack will deal an additional 140% DEF DMG.
Damage increased to 155% DEF.
Damage increased to 170% DEF.
EX: Basic attacks also slow the target by 40% for 1s.

Build Recommendations

Build: Damage Reduction, DEF, (LP, ACC)

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