Published On: March 1, 2023

New Hero! Nordthion – Eternal Evolution


Dear Commanders,

A new SSS-level Atlas Energy Hero called Nordthion, the Skylord, will be available in the new version. You can recruit him at the Limited Recruitment Event after the update. Check out his skills below, and tell us what you think about him in the comments!
Hero Faction: Atlas
Hero Class: Energy
Hero Rarity: SSS-level
Hero Characteristics: Ranged Monster Bait & Multi-Target DMG


Ultimate Skill – Sanctify:
Gather energy, then charge for a short distance, picking up all enemies within a 5m range and displacing them, then inflicting 1000% ATK as DMG. This skill can be cast even when the user is affected by Imprisonment.
Talent Effect: Skill DMG to summons and the range of Fight and Flight are both increased.

Common Skill – Lightning Shield:
Active Effect: Summons a lightning barrier that reduces received DMG by 56% for 3s.
Passive Effect: After entering the battlefield, Nordthion permanently gains max HP equal to 1800% of ATK.
Talent Effect: While Lightning Barrier is active, every 0.5s inflicts DMG equal to 80% of Nordthion’s ATK to surrounding enemies and gains immunity to CC.

Common Skill – Astral Power:
The user swings their energy sword, inflicting 240% ATK as DMG to enemies within a radius in front of them.
Talent Effect: DMG inflicted by this skill is converted to True DMG.

Passive Skill – Ingenious Spark:
When the battle starts, allied Energy and Hunter heroes gain Thunder: Every time a skill hits an enemy, there is a base chance of 30% (affected by Nordthion’s ACC) to strike them with a lightning bolt, inflicting 58% of Nordthion’s ATK as DMG.
Talent Effect: The chance of Energy Heroes triggering Thunder has been doubled.

Exclusive Equipment: Breakthrough

  • Ultimate Enhanced: Gain a Lightning Barrier when casting.
  • “Astral Power” Enhanced: When this skill is cast, recover HP equal to 1200% of ATK.
  • “Lightning Shield” Enhanced: Increase the duration of the Lightning Barrier by 1.5s.
  • “Ingenious Spark” Enhanced: Increases the base chance of triggering Thunder by 10% and the DMG of Thunder by 10%.
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