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Na Feng is a weird hybrid of a Rhino and a Gorilla, and joins Team Vanguard in Eternal Evolution, despite his announcement stating he was a Tank instead, but this is a welcomed shock, as Vanguards are incredibly in-the-meta, especially with the addition of the most recent commander, making it beneficial to run 3 Vanguards in a single team.

Na Feng on paper looks like he could be the ideal 3rd in a Vanguard team, to buff the ATK of Leo, whilst also reducing the ATK of the enemy team.

He was added to the game on the 2nd of February 2023, and was instantly available for most players in a Rise of Heroes event, meaning getting an Immortal Copy of Na Feng is just a case of waiting for a few days.

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Jump Smash

Na Feng jumps to the side of an enemy and then slams them, inflicting 320% ATK as DMG.

Talent: The ATK of enemies hit by the smash is reduced by 15% for 7s.

Unwavering Roar

Na Feng roars, inflicting 190% ATK as DMG to all enemies within 2m, and increasing the DMG reduction of allies within 2m by 20% for 6s.

Talent: The range of Unwavering Roar is increased by 1m.

Spiritual Command

Na Feng feeds banans to the allied Vanguard with the highest ATK, increasing their ATK and DEF by 13% for 6s. Thie effect cannot stack.

Talent: Vanguard allies will also trigger the DEF boost effect when using displacement skills.

Tough Skin

When Na Feng buffs another allied hero, their DMG reduction is increased by 26% for 6s. Thie effect cannot stack.

Talent: When Na Feng is attacked by an enemy affected by a debuff, the DMG received is reduced by 20%.

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