Published On: February 20, 2023
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Summit Arena 101


Summit Arena is a competitive PvP game mode in Eternal Evolution that allows you to climb the ranks through different qualifier rounds and fight against others in the style of Galactic Arena (a 3v3 style arena battle mode). It’s a cross-server event and is held once a month. There’s great potential for rewards, especially if you can make it to the top 16.

How Does it Work?

The registration period lasts for three days. After a player has confirmed their lineup and registration, they will be entered into the Summit Arena of the season. Registrations cannot be withdrawn. It should be noted that you can change your defense after registering up until a certain point, so don’t worry if you want to adjust as you go along. Each Summit Arena season lasts for two weeks and is made up of three stages: Qualifier, Group Stage and Summit Round.

The Qualifier is divided into two rounds. The first Round is a group of 128; the top 4 in each group will advance to the second round. The second round is a group of 64; the top 4 will advance to the Group Stage. The Group Stage is also divided into two rounds. The first round is a group of 32; the top 2 will advance to the second round. The second round is a Group of 8, where the top 2 will advance to the Summit Round.

The rankings in the Qualifier and Group Stage will be determined by the total wins and total duration of battles. The more wins and the faster the wins were achieved, the higher the player is ranked. During these rounds, you can manually select your opponents and swap around your lineups at any time. If you do not fight during the manual challenge period, the fights will automatically take place at a set time based on your defense. It’s best to go for 3 out of 3 for wins in the early stages if it feels easy. As it gets tougher, opt for the sure win of 2 out of 3.

The Summit Round is the final knockout match held between the top 16 players who advance from the Group Stage. The competition is divided into the Group of 16, Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, and Finals. After four days of intense competition, a champion of the Summit Arena will finally be crowned.

Setting Up Your Defense

The first thing you’ll need to do upon registering for Summit Arena is to set your defense. This is the same idea as Galactic Arena. For the starter rounds, you should aim to win 3 out of 3 so balance your teams well. If you don’t have a deep enough roster, try to secure 2 out of 3 wins and build your 2 best teams. You can change your defenses as things progress (except when it switches to the automatic battling). People sometimes use this to their advantage to hide their true defenses until the last minute before battles start.

The “meta” for what’s best is constantly changing; even just one new hero added can change everything. It’s best to take the time to understand what’s currently working for PvP battles. For sake of this article, we’ll talk about what’s best now as of its posting.

  • Vanguard Team. Thanks to the new commander, Hagradon, Vanguards are even stronger than before. There’s added bonuses using 3 Vanguard in 1 team, even more in PvP. Building a team around Leo and this commander is strongly suggested.
  • Summoner Team. After Leo came the strong Summoners like Daniel and Anpu. Crowd Control is king in the arena; these heroes bring that and a lot of damage.
  • Assassin Team. If you’re lucky enough to have Bailey Hudson and decide to pick up the new hero, Rickert, this team is also a must! Like the commander Hagradon, Gabal gives a bonus if there are 3 Assassins in the same team and Rickert can do insane damage!
  • I don’t have these meta heroes! …Well, it will be tough without these at high levels. But for pushing what you can, focus as much crowd control and support around your best damage dealers. Avoid “squishy” single-target heroes like Emma and Azena if you have other options; they don’t fit best in Arena and are quickly killed.

Fighting on the Offense

For the most part, you’ll probably use a very similar offense to what you set up as defense. At the very least, it’s a great starting point. Luckily, when you’re on the offense, you can adjust everything and make sure placements are correct. You can shift around your teams to fit what they will counter best. Understanding what to use to counter a team is probably the hardest part.

Try these methods to counter popular meta teams & heroes like:

  • Bailey Hudson. The original way to beat Bailey used to be well, another Bailey. Luckily, besides trying to counter Bailey with himself, you can also use the Skooer & Hatty – “The Twins” are often referred to as “Bailey Bait”. A summoner team overall is a good counter. Crowd Control “CC” really is king in most Arena settings.
  • He immediately took over as King of the game upon arrival. Speaking of CC, that’s really the only way to counter Leo – a strong Summoner team full of CC to keep him at bay as much as possible. Also, like Bailey, you can counter Leo with himself and hope yours is stronger.

Summoners. The summoner teams are strong in this game and have taken over the meta in both PvP and PvE. If the team doesn’t have both Daniel AND Anpu and lacks other form of CC, Leo can do a great job. Otherwise with a lot of CC in the team, best to avoid Leo. It’s probably best to fight fire with fire and have a lot of CC yourself. You can also try to use heroes in the new gear that’s great for going against a summoner, Realm.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, this is a “best of the best” PvP game mode. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t make it Final 16. At the end of the day, this can be a pay-to-win part of the game or at least oldest servers with very active players will have the upper hand. It’s still worth some effort to get the other rewards along the way and you’ll gain experience to help you in the game overall as you play!

Note: The attached video below was recorded one month ago. The “meta” is always changing. These suggestions overall are still relevant and the advice should still help most. But keep in mind the newer heroes and commanders as mentioned above in this article if you can use them for your formations.

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