5.4Million XP in under 10 minutes in Diablo Immortal

Published On: June 7, 2022

Fastest way to get XP in Diablo Immortal

How to get 900k XP in under 10 minutes in Diablo Immortal! If you want this, then follow this short guide!

Firstly, you need to hit level 40 and to do this quickly smash through the campaign and start doing a few side bits, but it shouldn’t take you too long if you’re consistent with your levelling. Once you have hit level 40 you are going to want to join a shadow clan and it can be ant of your choosing, We are a part of the Aftershock United Prime Clan which you can join.

Now you are in your shadow clan you can assess the event under the “Shadows” section then “activities” then it’s the “Assembly” event and all you must do is log in every day Monday-Saturday between 6-8 pm server time and join the event and group up with a bunch of random shadow clans to give each other blessings. You can do this every two minutes to get the 4 blessings and each one grants 237k XP. This is huge considering you can do this 6 times a week! So 900k a day for 6 days a week you are looking at 5.4 million XP per week just for standing next to someone for 10 minutes a day!

What is there to lose!? Do this now with your Clan!

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