Monk Class Overview: Diablo Immortal

Published On: May 30, 2022

The Monk class has the power of 1001 gods in her fists, She uses all the combined power of the gods to defeat her foes. She is a fast, agile melee fighter and to use her effectively you’ll need to do lots of DPS then run and not take too much damage whilst your abilities are on Cooldown. The Monk Class has huge AOE potential from her abilities. She will be welcomed into most groups because of her AOE damage plus her ability to shield and buff her allies. You’ll need the concentration of a Monk to master this class!



Monks deal large Melee Damage with great support skills to help aid your allies. This doesn’t mean you are forced to be a healer or buffer as the Monk can offer a vast array of skills to assist your team.

You have excellent Mobility and can dash in or out of combat very quickly and efficiently. This makes the Monk class great for solo or team play because you can run off and heal using your excellent mobility.

Cyclone Strike is a great skill because you can group up the enemies and let your DPS target the area that you’ve grouped the enemies into.

PvP is great for the Monk Class because you can quickly engage your opponents and then dash away before they get their damage away.

Overall the Monk class is a great all-rounder with a good toolkit and the different ways you can play Monk means multiple Monks could be great for your party.



Whilst the Monk class in Diablo Immortal has such a variety of skills and playstyles she is very situational which has the outcome that she isn’t as versatile because the DPS builds are a bit limited. Although Monks can be DPS heavy the majority should build for team buffs and Shields.

If you do build Monk DPS then you have to go, Exploding Palm, because it is so powerful and no other ability really matches its power. therefore a lot of Monks will have this ability and it will be very common in the PvP scene. Same with Mystic Strike because it enables you to achieve your combos.

Another weakness of the Monk class is that she is Melee so you have to dart in and out of combat, this requires a high skill cap to achieve.

She also needs constant inputs and you cant just-auto her because you will constantly need to reposition and get as much DPS off as you can.

She has mediocre Single target damage as most of her abilities require combos or they are massive AOE hitters.


More in-depth Guides will be released once we know where things stand on the launch of Diablo Immortal

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