How to kill The Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

Published On: June 13, 2022

How to kill The Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

The Blood Rose is a world boss in Diablo Immortal. This boss spawns periodically throughout the day and by killing it you will be awarded the Nor Tirajs’s Knowlege for your Legacy of the Horadrim. Its mechanics are simple but when you have a horde of players it can get out of control very quickly…

Where is the Blood Rose located?

The Blood Rose is a giant tree boss that is located in Dark Wood. The Blood Rose is actually marked on the map as its location does not change, however, if you teleport to the Cursed Grove Waypoint and run west you will arrive at the location in a few seconds.

Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge


The Blood Rose Mechanics and Strategy

On the surface, The Blood Rose is a very straightforward fight, however, many players who have tried to take down this world boss in Diablo Immortal will have experienced the pain of beating its health down for several minutes, only to have the boss heal to full without too much warning.

Aside from avoiding attacks from the Blood Rose, the boss has a mechanic that will heal it to full if you do not do it correctly.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Blood Rose fight is a simple stand-and-nuke phase. In this phase, the Blood Rose will not really do too much that you have to worry about so take this opportunity to deal as much damage as possible.

Phase 2

During phase 2 of the Blood Rose fight, the boss will spawn adds. All you need to do is nuke these down as quickly as possible. A lot of the time these additional mobs will be killed in the AoE from the fight so they are really not something to worry about, but it is important to be aware of them spawning because after they spawn the Blood Rose will enter phase 3, and this phase is the one and only mechanic that will stop you from killing the boss.

Phase 3 (the only thing you need to know)

Shortly after the Blood Rose spawns adds to the battlefield it will summon a ring around it that will draw players in. It is at this point that you MUST run away! I cannot stress this enough! melee players, stop focusing on the boss and move away because if the Blood Rose sucks players in, it will heal, and it will heal A LOT! The more players that are inside the circle the more it will heal.

Failing to do this mechanic will result in a full reset of the Blood Rose and seriously frustrate any players that are taking part in the encounter.

The Blood Rose is an easy fight and thankfully, not one you need to repeat. However, if you are struggling to understand why the boss keeps healing, make sure that you are not the problem!

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