How to Get Easy Paragon Levels in Diablo Immortal

Published On: July 1, 2022

In Diablo Immortal the Battle Pass is by far the best resource when it comes to leveling characters. By making this small change to the way that you stack and spend points in the battle pass you will save yourself hours of farming and millions of XP.


The Battle Pass is where players will get the vast majority of their XP in Diablo Immortal. However, many players are not aware that you can actually stack up all of the rewards, they do not need to be claimed instantly – This is great as you can delay handing in all of your battle pass XP until it suits you.

How does the server XP work?

Server XP in Diablo Immortal works effectively as a catchup mechanic. Each day the servers paragon level will increase by 2 levels, every player under the server paragon level will get their XP scaled by a % based on how far behind they are, players at the server level will get 100% experience and players above the server cap will have their experience gains reduced for each level they exceed the server.

So what does this mean for Battle Pass Points?

When you hand in your Battle Pass rewards and level it up you are granted a stack of experience as a part of the reward. This experience also scales based on where you are on the server’s scale. So, by optimizing when you hand in your Battle Pass points you can greatly increase the amount of experience that you are awarded by the system.

When should you spend Battle Pass Points?

The question of when you should spend battle pass points in Diablo Immortal comes down to your own personal play style and the time that you are able to put into the game. For players that are behind the server level, you are already getting an increased amount of XP vs players that have exceeded the cap. If you are fresh to level 60 you will be getting 400% experience boost, so, there won’t be too much impact on spending their points as they come, however, for players that are closer to the cap there are some things that you can do to increase your experience gain.

What is the most efficient strategy?

Leveling in Diablo Immortal slows down over time, and even more so as you move past the server cap. The most efficient way to spend your battle pass points is to stack up all of your points and claim them before the end of the weekly reset. It is important that you claim these points before the server resets each week because otherwise they will be lost. However, the longer you leave the server to catch up with your level the bigger boost you will get.

It is important to note that even if you are right at the end of a battle pass level if all of the points that you have acquired are claimed together then every level granted will be at this same increased rate of experience.

During your week you should try and focus on gaining battle pass points in 1 area of the game, as if you have to claim from multiple sources then it will not apply in this way.

Important factors to remember:

  • For players above the server level, the closer you are to the servers paragon level the more experience you will be awarded
  • Stack your battle pass points in 1 area of the game to allow you to bulk claim them in one go
  • Wait as late as possible in the week before claiming the points
  • If you really want to min-max your gains, push your character level to 99% before doing your final hand in

For more clarification watch ColdBrews video below!


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