Raiding Helliquary Bosses in Diablo Immortal

Published On: June 13, 2022

How to beat the Helliquary Boss in Diablo Immortal

Once you unlock the Helliquary boss in Diablo Immortal the urge to jump right in is overwhelming however for you new players the patience pays off because the stronger you are the more of a chance to get into the top 3 and gain the chest and get the top rewards!

Some classes may benefit more from this than others because to get top 3 you need good DPS however it is about your skill level as well!

Now it is important to get into Helliquary and get it levelling up, however, you want to do it whilst getting the best rewards possible so base it off your own judgement! But even if you can’t top 3 then give it a go! It resets twice a week Monday and Thursday so make sure you do it before then or you’ll miss out on all the rewards together!

For the first wave you’ll need to watch out for his jumping skill as it does big AOE damage whilst dodging this you’ll have to kill his ads which look like snakes, now you’ll want to do this quickly as they can output some serious damage.

Once you kill all the snakes, you’ll enter phase 2 where he’ll be able to one-shot everyone but before he does this, he’ll spawn some rocks which your whole team needs to hide behind or else you will get one shot and your run will be over!

If you are low HP, then go and hide for a couple of seconds to regen your HP back. This is important because your team needs you in the fight so make sure you are healthy! Don’t be the hero and die because your team will have to sacrifice time to revive you.

The loot is decent if you do this twice a week so make sure you get your runs in!

The video below has a completed run if you want more info!

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