Everything you need to know about Currencies and Craft Materials – Diablo Immortal

Published On: May 31, 2022

It’s time to look at the extensive amount of currencies and crafting materials within Diablo Immortal, it’s very important to understand and know that our progression is deeply tied to both currencies and crafting materials, so it’s vital to have good knowledge of them before starting the game, such as how many currencies there are, how we can acquire them, how rare they are and what we use them for.



Perhaps the most quintessential currency within Diablo Immortal, It is used for practically everything, and most importantly – It is required for upgrading your gear at the Blacksmith. You can acquire gold from nearly every bit of content within the game, whether that be killing enemies, bounties, dungeons, or weekly immortal rewards. Outside of the blacksmith, we will also be using gold for rarities and antiquities, Clan Foundation, and many other things!



This is a premium currency within Diablo Immortal and is very difficult to get your hands on without purchasing, using this wisely is SO important because wasting it is not something you want to do when it’s so hard to acquire.

You can earn Platinum through Marketplace, Daily Activity Rewards and Purchasing with real money and it is used for Marketplace, Crafting Legendary Gems, Extracting Skill Stones as well as purchasing Legendary Crests and Echo Crystals.

Because of how scarce this is, you should exclusively use this currency for crafting legendary gems.


Eternal Orbs:

Eternal orbs are the most premium currency within Diablo Immortal, only purchasable with real money, which can be used for purchasing Platinum, as well as buying Legendary Crests, Reforge Stones and Dawning Echoes – likely the most common use for these will be for purchasing Legendary Crests to get your hands on legendary gems!



Hilts are rewarded for completing activities such as Bounties, Exploration Events, Battlegrounds as well as weekly Immortal Rewards, and allow you to purchase things at the Hilts Trader, the optimal use for your hilts will be purchasing Legendary Crests and Reforge stones.


Scrap, Dust and Shards:

These items are vital for Blacksmith upgrades, which are some of the most important upgrades within the game – these can be acquired by killing monsters, cursed chests, tasks, and events, as well as Shadow and Immortal Events – they should be available throughout the game.


Enigmatic Crystals:

Here we have another resource for the Blacksmith, used to upgrade our gear – These will be tougher to get your hands on than Scrap, Dust and Shards, as they are earned by completing Challenge Rifts for the first time as well as ranking in the top 10 for Group Challenge Rifts.



Alchemical Powder is received by salvaging Charms, the powder you receive can then be used to upgrade your existing Charms, or to Craft them. These are also rewarded from the Daily Activity Reward and Battle Pass, as well as purchasable through the Hilt Trader (which we do not advise spending your Hilts on!)


Reforge Stones:

Reforge Stones are used to reroll the bonuses on your equipment, and can be obtained from the Hilts Trader, Battle Pass and purchased for Eternal Orbs, which of course do cost real money.

We will pick these up along our way, don’t worry about them too much!


Rare & Legendary Crests:

One of the few ways to obtain Legendary Gems, Crests are used to empower your Elder Rifts, giving you a chance to acquire legendary gems, these also will make your runs harder or easier depending on the affixes they add to the Rift. Legendary Crests will give you a 100% chance to get a Legendary Gem within the run.

You can acquire Crests from the Hilts Trader, Crest Merchant, Rank top 10 (Group Challenge Rifts), Battle Pass and also through Eternal Orbs.


Legendary Gems:

Legendary Gems are one of the main upgrades attached to your Legendary Items, they are VERY difficult to obtain, however, and very difficult to upgrade. They can drop in Elder Rifts as well as be acquired from Battle Pass, Hilts Trader, Marketplace and also crafted.


Fading Ember:

Fading Ember is one of the best ways to upgrade your Legendary Gems by purchasing Legendary Gems from the trader, you receive Fading Ember while completing Elder Rifts with Crests enabled.



Runes can be sold on the Marketplace, however, they are used to craft Legendary Gems, which should be your priority with Runes that you acquire. You can acquire Runes from Elder Rifts, the Fading Ember trader and the Marketplace.



Scoria must be refined by the Blacksmith into Hellfire Scoria, which is used to upgrade the Helliquary and unlock bosses – you earn this from Daily Activity Rewards and the Battle Pass, it is incredibly important!


Raw Essentia:

The only use for Raw Essentia is for progressing the Immortals, it can be acquired from Immortal Quests as well as the Hilts Trader.



As Immortals, you are able to unlock Kion’s Ordeal and obtain unique rewards, you receive Essentia by contributing to the Immortals and Raiding the Vault, which you then spend at Kion’s Ordeal.


Dawning Echo:

Dawning Echoes are the only way to Awaken your items once hitting level 10 on the equipped legendary gem, providing you with a HUGE boost. Unfortunately, the only way to get your hands on these is by purchasing them with Eternal Orbs, which we have already discussed does cost real money. However, getting a Legendary Gem to level 10 in order to awaken an item will take a long time.

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