Necromancer Class Overview: Diablo Immortal

Published On: May 30, 2022

Raise the dead and command them to attack in your place, the Necromancer class allows you to have an army of Undead. The Necromancer class is a bit of a menace to deal with. In solo content, she will be crazy strong as her undead army will be able to soak up damage and deal quite a lot. She also has good AOE and CC abilities meaning she can hold her foes in place whilst her team surrounds them and overthrows them.



She has crazy versatility because she can support your team or she can be a big AOE nuker. Plus the CC ability Bone wall to hold up your enemies.

Necromancers excel at survivability and keeping their allies and minions alive. With the option for a taunt, you can stop enemies attack your team and make them focus on you and your mob of undead.

She has strong Raid buffs for your team.

She has the best ultimate in the game allowing her to be the best!



Necromancers lack Mobility so if you get locked down then good luck getting out of the tricky situation.

Her range is also minimal, all the best options for the Necromancer build are all short-mid range so you’ll need to get up in the enemy’s face to be effective. Whilst this does make you more vulnerable it’s your best damage option so make sure you master all your combat combos and skills before stepping into the ring with some monsters!

You’ll be swapping builds a lot because of the different areas of the game. You’ll need one for PvP and one for PvE plus probably a few more!


More in-depth Guides will be released once we know where things stand on the launch of Diablo Immortal

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