Diablo Immortal – Don’t make this gearing mistake!

Published On: June 30, 2022

Diablo Immortal – Don’t make this gearing mistake!


Upgrading gear in Diablo Immortal is the easiest way to increase your Combat Rating in the game and progress further. In your journey through Diablo Immortal, you will pick up many pieces of gear and although at the start you will quickly find obvious upgrades for your character, this quickly slows down and you need to start applying a lot of thought to what gear actually constitutes an upgrade for your account.

How do you decide what an upgrade is in Diablo Immortal?

On a very basic level, gear upgrades will be displayed through the in-game UI by showing a green arrow illustrating that this item is of “higher value” than the one that you currently have equipped.

gear upgrade

This can usually be an easy decision as to what item you should be equipped with, however, especially when it comes to stats and building synergy, there is not always a straightforward answer.

In the video below you see two shields that Cold Brew is debating over. One has a damage score of 541 and the other has 592, however, the lower-rated one has triple attributes whilst the higher one has a double.

To work out his combat rating you need to add the scores of the attributes, so the lower damage score has 102 Combat Rating whilst the higher score has 126.

In this situation, ColdBrew almost salvaged the better piece of gear because the system didn’t show it as an upgrade. It is important to take note of this and pay close attention to the stats that are on an item so that you don’t auto sell your gear that could actually be an upgrade to your account. Make sure you look through the items that you are thinking of salvaging and assess is it worth selling the gear or should you equip it instead.

Key points to remember when gearing in Diablo Immortal:

  • Always check the gear that you are thinking of salvaging
  • Take some time to make sure that you are not actually sitting on an upgrade in your bags
  • Don’t always expect the game’s built-in system to know what you are looking for on your gear. The arrow system is a great indicator to give you an overall idea, but it does not take into account how your gear is impacting your playstyle.

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