Diablo Immortal Levelling System

Published On: May 31, 2022

Today we’re going to talk about the Paragon system within Diablo Immortal, and how it’s going to work with the release of the game upcoming VERY soon!

Some of you may be familiar with the Paragon system within Diablo 3, however, things will be slightly different with Immortal, as the Paragon Level will be server-based.

There are two things that Blizzard wants within Immortal, first, they want it to be infinitely grindable, so those who want to play the game can freely play the game without worrying about an energy system.

The other is preventing a huge power difference for new joining players, in Diablo 3 if somebody started the game late, they would likely be 100s of Paragon levels behind their friends, even with some serious boosting it was very hard to catch up.


This system is a perfect way of bringing joy to both groups of players, the way this works is the server will effectively have an NPC playing the game, slowly levelling their Paragon level up. With this system, there will be a way of controlling the amount of experience players can gain, for those who are above the Server Paragon level, they’ll only gain 25% experience, however, those who are BELOW the current world level will receive a 200% XP boost.

You are still able to farm this game infinitely and improve your Character by farming Gear and materials, just at a reduced XP gain, meaning the catch-up mechanics are not going to allow new players to just storm to the top of the leader boards as they won’t have the gear and upgrades that a super active player who farms daily has, but level wise it will be much easier to catch up.

This is a great way of progressing and catching up with other players without feeling like a burden who needs to be boosted to get to the same level. This is a very inclusive system that will allow many more players to enjoy the game to its true potential.


Games like Diablo are very dependent on gear and especially in Immortal – Legendary gems, so the penalty to XP will not be a big issue for those who are actively pushing the game, they’ll still be able to farm all the equipment for their Character that will make the biggest impact.

High profile games like Diablo also evolve constantly, there will be updates and patches with more and more to farm as time goes on, you will always have content to do, and hours’ worth of grinding available to you, to ensure everybody stays engaged with the world of Diablo Immortal.

One thing to note is there is NO WAY to buy experience or levels in Diablo, meaning this aspect is completely free to play friendly, the real currency for this is time, the more time you’re able to put in, the more reward you’re going to get.

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