Crusader Class Overview: Diablo Immortal

Published On: May 30, 2022

You’ve made the decision to play Crusader in Diablo Immortal, that’s the hardest part out the way – things will get easier from here.

Charging into battle on their noble steed, with massive AOE damage, incredible mobility and necessary party-wide buffs, Crusaders are truly unstoppable, excelling in high AOE Damage and Support.



Crusaders are an AOE Heavy Melee based class with the best mobility in the entire game. Most Crusader builds will be using the skill Draw and Quarter as their main skill moving around and dealing damage. The Primary Attack given by Draw and Quarter while used in conjunction with legendary items such as Besieger and Bladed Jambeau enable Crusaders to annihilate waves of enemies.

Crusaders are also very renowned for their defensive capabilities as well as their AoE damage, with abilities such as Punish which improves their block chance and Conjuration of light to make both the Crusader and their party invulnerable for a small duration.

While in a group, Crusaders can use Holy Banner, which gives all nearby party members 100% Critical Hit Chance for a short duration, which can be lined up perfectly when bosses spawn to nuke them with everything your group has to offer. Crusaders also fill the role of a scout in Party content, dealing AoE Damage to enemies whilst starting events and gathering the enemies together for your team to burst down.

When it comes to PvP, Crusaders are loaded with stuns, interrupts and dashes to lock down your opponents,  they are a very top tier choice here, and in all areas of the game.



Because of how Crusaders rely on their Draw and Quarter skill, they are a little bit exposed to being controlled throughout its duration, which will see it going to waste. While you haven’t got access to Draw and Quarter you will find yourself limited on options for escaping damage which could lead to you being trapped and susceptible to damage.

Crusaders single target damage is very low, on top of long skill cooldowns, resulting in bosses taking a very long time in content such as Challenge Rifts.

Last point to make is that while playing a scout role in dungeons, you’ll often miss out on loot that’s dropping as enemies are dying due to rushing ahead – This is only minor and may result in around a 10% loss of salvage materials compared to the rest of your group.


More in-depth Guides will be released once we know where things stand on the launch of Diablo Immortal

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