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Plarium are preparing to milk the playerbases wallets, launching arguably the biggest x10 event ever in terms of arena!

HUGE CLAN VS CLAN SUMMON EVENT!2021-10-25T12:29:03+00:00

New Promo-code: Spooky13

Today Plarium announced a new promo-code for everyone, it had been hidden throughout posts on their Facebook all month, Spooky13

New Promo-code: Spooky132021-10-25T16:01:38+00:00

Fragment Frenzy

We’re going to be keeping this post updated over the coming days for the events that will give you the chance to acquire any missing fragments for some previous fusions.

Fragment Frenzy2021-10-25T15:15:57+00:00

10x Summons + Guaranteed Madame Serris!

Plarium has announced the weekends summon events, starting tomorrow - Here is their post - remember, the fusion is coming!

10x Summons + Guaranteed Madame Serris!2021-10-21T13:19:38+00:00

Old Fragment’s available again!

Plarium has released the following statement regarding upcoming events that will contain Fragments from past Fragment Summons.

Old Fragment’s available again!2021-10-20T10:55:12+00:00

Secret Room 1 – Normal Guide (Rotation 1)

Secret Rooms will stretch the capability of your accounts. Our guide for Secret Room 1 in Normal Difficulty of Rotation 1 will help you with beating this content

Secret Room 1 – Normal Guide (Rotation 1)2021-10-18T15:19:01+00:00

The best healers in Raid: Shadow Legends

Here is some information on healers in Raid Shadow Legends, including the different types of healing and how they actually work.

The best healers in Raid: Shadow Legends2021-10-16T21:25:10+00:00

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Spotlight: Thenasil

Thenasil is a Force affinity epic from the High Elves faction. Thenasil is a mid-tier support champion with defensive utility made to enable your team to last longer into fights

Raid Shadow Legends Champion Spotlight: Thenasil2021-10-14T15:26:06+00:00

x2/x10 Sacreds Summon Weekend!

Plarium has announced the following events starting on Friday, for this weekends summons!

x2/x10 Sacreds Summon Weekend!2021-10-13T12:28:08+00:00

How to farm Clan vs Clan Points – Updated

Many people often ask how it’s possible to hit such high milestones in Clan vs Clan, and the honest answer is just by playing the game. Most clans these days require you to achieve a certain amount of points during each Clan vs Clan tournament – these are the best ways to gain points.

How to farm Clan vs Clan Points – Updated2021-10-12T14:53:15+00:00

Mid-Week CvC Events!

Plarium has announced the following events starting this week: These will all tie into Clan Vs Clan 

Mid-Week CvC Events!2021-10-11T15:04:18+00:00

Dupe System(s) Announced!

Plarium has finally released the information on what the Dupe System will be, However, it's multiple systems that will be coming into place! Here's what they are...

Dupe System(s) Announced!2021-10-11T21:03:47+00:00

How to get good at Raid Shadow Legends

Many people often ask and wonder how people got so good at Raid: Shadow Legends, and how they learned everything that they know...

How to get good at Raid Shadow Legends2021-10-11T21:04:39+00:00

Ice Golem Super Raids!

Plarium has announced that in line with the upcoming Ice Golem Tournament, for the Sigmund the Highshield fusion, they will be activating Super Raids!

Ice Golem Super Raids!2021-10-08T13:11:18+00:00

New Promocode! Gift1 !

A new promo code has been found ingame! Gift1 - Get your hands on FREE REWARDS!

New Promocode! Gift1 !2021-10-07T11:05:20+00:00

x10 Block Revivers!

Plarium has announced this weekends x10 Summon Event, containing Block Revive Champions...

x10 Block Revivers!2021-10-07T11:24:39+00:00

Super Raids is Back

"Tomorrow, October 7th, we're planning to enable Super Raids at the Fire Knight's Castle."

Super Raids is Back2021-10-06T15:51:57+00:00

New amazing Raid Feature! Recall Quests!

As of yesterday, in patch 4.70 Plarium have added a new system for returning players for completing tasks, with great rewards!

New amazing Raid Feature! Recall Quests!2021-10-06T12:08:40+00:00

Ninja promotional event coming to a end!

Don't miss out on your chance to grab Ninja as a FREE Legendary before the event comes to an end. He will be completely unobtainable.

Ninja promotional event coming to a end!2021-10-05T15:04:30+00:00

Kuldath, the Magma Dragon Guide

The Magma Dragon is one of 8 Doom Tower bosses in Raid Shadow Legends. Check out our full guide including team comps and stats required to beat this boss.

Kuldath, the Magma Dragon Guide2021-10-04T20:36:19+00:00
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