Best Value for money in Diablo Immortal

Published On: May 31, 2022
Diablo Immortal

Time to take a look at the various purchasable options in Diablo Immortal, and what is worth our money! Of course, we do not encourage anybody to spend in any game, however, if you are looking to spend – here’s what we’d recommend you invest your money in.


Battle Pass:

The battle pass price has been leaked to be $5-$15 but this may be set to change. The Battle Pass is an amazing source of various materials and resources that can boost the power of your character in many ways. Along with this, each rank rewards you with an immense amount of experience. This is very useful as you progress through the Campaign and level up your character.

The free version of the Battle Pass is available once you reach level 10 and complete the tutorial, an Empowered version of it is also available to purchase with real money. By purchasing the Empowered Battle Pass you unlock another row of rewards that are available at each rank reached, giving you double the bonus of the standard Battle Pass. The Standard Battle Pass is free to all players, while the Empowered Battle Pass and Shop require spending real Money to obtain their rewards.

The Battle Pass and Shop have rotating rewards and items. Doing these should happen naturally as you go through the game but check this tab often to make sure you’re not missing out! Progressing your Battle Pass as much as possible early on is a priority so don’t ignore these easy to complete objectives.


Boon Of Plenty:

$4.99 This contains 300 Eternal Orbs, Bonus Market trade slots, and Additional Stash storage. You get these rewards instantly and then daily you get a rare crest. You can buy this up to three times. So, a total of $15 and you get 3x the stuff above.

This was recently adjusted to be double the price, for double the reward.


One Time Purchases:

There will be bundles that appear as and when you hit different milestones throughout the game, These bundles will tend to be quite generous in value and may be worth picking up if you are going to spend in-game. You don’t need to log in and buy everything you see so make sure you are patient and if you wait a couple of days then we are sure bundles and deals will drop for you.

While we only currently have a list of the available offers from Beta, and only several images of them – we can assume these will be similar with the launch of the game.

Rift-Runners Supplies: $9.99
Icon of the Worthy: $99.99
Token of the Worthy: $25.99
Gemcutter’s Supplies: $7.99
Seeker’s Supplies: $5.99
Champion’s Trove – Hell IV: $39.99
Champion’s Trove – Hell II: $25.99
Champion’s Trove – Hell V: $49.99
Realm of Damnation Trove: $29.99
Cavern of Echoes Trove: $19.99
Symbol of the Worthy: $35.99
Aspirant’s Supplies: $8.99
Magnate’s Supplies: $49.99
Champion’s Trove – Hell 1: $49.99
Champion’s Trove – Hell III: $29.99
Kikuras Rapids Trove: $9.99
Destruction’s End Trove: $6.99
Forgotten Tower Trove: $1.99
Tomb of Fahir Trove: $4.99
Mad King’s Breach Trove: $0.99
Prodigy’s Path: $19.99

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