Diablo Immortal EARLY RELEASE!

Published On: May 29, 2022

Last night we got some amazing news from PezRadar (Blizzard) regarding the launch of Diablo Immortal on mobile devices, at first, this was floating around Reddit and Discord servers, which led to some disbelief. However, upon looking into this deeper, the post is in fact pinned in the official Immortal Discord.

Here’s the post:

I wanted to clear up some confusion I’ve seen regarding launch times for Immortal.

As we note in our blog on iOS and Android players will start to see Diablo Immortal propagate on their respective stores on the morning of June 1st. We don’t exactly know who will see it first or in what order of those who will see it. We expect this to be fairly early in the morning that this process will start (Pacific Time).

Once those are available in the store (Google Play/Apple App Store), they will be live and you can log in and play. This means you could possibly play on mobile up to a day in advance on those platforms. PC will still go live at the marked times on the map.

We just don’t know the exact timing on propagation and so we don’t have exact times of it hence the language “beginning the morning of June 1st” in the blog.

This news is absolutely huge for those of which are able to play on mobile, as you’ll be able to get a great head start, and besides – who wants to wait till the 2nd! It’s time for mobile users to get out their controllers and get cracking! The time for preparation has decreased, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to be ready.

If you’re looking to join us on this journey head over to this post and come join us.

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