How important is gambling in Diablo Immortal

Published On: May 31, 2022

Red Or Black? This Article is about Gambling in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal you’ll be able to gamble for randomized items! Unfortunately, not for Gold! This feature comes into play at level 35 and is an early way to potentially upgrade your gear at a faster pace. This of course is a risk as you may get no gear and lose your gold but that’s what gambling is all about! If you were to strike your luck and get a better piece of gear, then you’ll be able to progress your gear a lot quicker. But the likelihood of this happening isn’t very high. It’s also one of a few ways to target specific equipment that helps you loads whilst powering up for the endgame.


If you were to gamble earlier in the game at level 35 then you need some Gold saved up! The gambled item will scale to your current level, so the longer you hold off gambling the better your item will be.

If you go through the game without gambling or want to try your luck and are a bit later, then no problem. This is for players nearing the end of the campaign! You should try to better the gear you have on Jewellery and Secondary Armour. However, Gambling for legendary pieces is very rare and you should buy a lottery ticket IRL if you get one! But you should focus on bettering your attributes on these slots before going for the elusive legendary piece.

If you are late game and are looking to min-max your account, then you probably won’t be looking for Jewellery or Secondary Armour as you’ll be after weapons and Primary armour improvements! These can roll with Legendary quality from a cheeky gamble and getting lucky! You can’t expect much from the gambling NPC, but it depends on how lucky you are feeling at the time because you could get some much better improvements, or you could be pouring your gold down a drain! However, you can salvage any unwanted gear into the Enchanted dust so it can go straight into your next item upgrade.


Do not waste your gold here early as it is important for you later in the game. But at max level, you can gamble away because the gear will be a higher level. The limit to gamble a day is 25 and the price of gold goes up steadily so you won’t be able to gamble 25 a day consistently therefore you should limit yourself to gamble for more later and just pass this for now.

Remember to Gamble Responsibly!

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