Raiding Immortals Vault

Published On: June 13, 2022
Diablo Immortal

Raiding Immortals Vault

As a Dark clan, you can raid the Immortals Vault and by doing so, you’ll gain access to some great rewards and a boat load of gold! From the video below Skratch gets 175k Gold which is a good amount and worth the time he’s taken to get it.

Currently, the Immortal Vault is only guarded by NPCs because there are no Immortal clans because the game is only a week old but next week there will be real players defending their vault! So do this whilst it’s the easiest version and you can get yourself some great rewards.

There are 4 floors in the Vault and 10 chests on each floor so in total, you’ll need to raid 40 chests to get the max reward; it is very rewarding and worth your time and effort to collect all the chests! There are 10 minutes cooldowns so you can’t run back-to-back on the floors you need to wait for the cooldown to expire before entering the next floor.

When you kill the mobs in the vault make sure to grab all the Ascension because it is vital for your clan’s progress quests so don’t miss this!

When Immortals are around from next week they will get notified when someone is raiding the vault so be prepared when you are trying to raid it that you’ll face some mighty foes because they’ll come to defend what they rightfully own! From floor to floor there are wardens that also notify the Immortals that there’s a heist going down, so you need to kill them ASAP if you want a chance to get to the juicy loot! The Wardens are going to wander through the floors, and you need to prioritise them, or you’ll be surrounded by Immortals in no time!

You must bear in mind if you die you will lose all the loot you’ve collected so if you don’t feel strong enough to take the next floor you can back out after each floor you’ve cleared to safely extract the loot.

We hope this was helpful and good luck Raiding the Immortals Vault!

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