Published On: November 9, 2022

Double Void Weekend – Starting Friday!


As anticipated, this weekend there will be a double chance event for Void Shards, increasing your chances to get Epics and Legendaries, this is undoubtedly the best time to pull your hard-earned Void Shards and get your hands on some fantastic Champions, or… get nothing.

It is incredibly important to note that we expect a Fusion will begin in the coming weeks, and shards will be required for this fusion – so you may want to hold back on some.



Double Chances for Epics and Legendaries!

Hey fellas! This Friday, November 11th, we’re planning to launch x2 event to summon Epic and Legendary Champions from Void Shards!


Why are void x2 Events good?

It is very rare to see a 2 for 1, or a guaranteed Void Legendary Champion event – meaning the single best time to get your hands on Void Legendaries, and Epics is through x2 events – doubling your chance from 0.5% to 1% per shard, which may not sound much but hey – it’s the best we can get!


Should you pull your shards?

Unless you are saving for very specific reasons, such as:

  • A 10x boosted rates on a particular Champion you are looking for.
  • You are close to pity and want to target a legendary.
  • Saving for a future Fusion Event

Then this is the best time to open your void shards to get the best bang for your buck… or just hard-earned void shards.


Will you be pulling shards for this event? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Schinderdiv November 11, 2022 at 9:53 pm

    Pulled a couple dozen, obtained Chaagur. Very happy day.

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