Guide to Champion Ascension

Congratulations on pulling or earning a new champion. Raid has hundreds of champions all with different and diverse skill sets but what every champion will require if you want any long term usage out of them is Ascension. Champions will be restricted by the equipment they can wear and also some effects on their skills until you have ascended them. Let’s take a deep dive into this important system in Raid: Shadow Legends!

Champion Ascension Stars

Ascension levels are identified by the colour of the star on your champion. Since Champion Awakening has existed there are now three states a champion can be in:

  1. No Ascension and No Awakening = Identified by the Yellow Star
  2. Ascended but no Awakening = Identified by the Purple Star
  3. Ascended and Awakening = Identified by the Red Star

It’s important to understand that the maximum ascension and awakening level is 6 and a champion cannot be ascended to an ascension level higher than their current Rank. Additionally, Common champions cannot be ascended meaning they will always lack the same power as Uncommon champions and higher.

differences between the ascension stars on champions

How Ascension Works

Before even gearing up your champions, you will most likely want to try and get your champions ascended. This unlocks the Amulet accessory at Rank 5 and Banner accessory at Rank 6 whilst also affecting your skills and base stats. Ascension works in a very simple way.

Each champion requires Ascension Potions, 1 set of Arcane Potions and a set of Affinity matching potions. These are acquired by defeating Potion Keep guardians in their respective affinity keeps (more on this below). Once you have earned enough potions, you head over to the Tavern from the Bastion and select the Ascend Option. To help you find champions, we recommend to you check the “Show upgradable only” filter in the Rank dropdown to exclude your fully ascended champions from the list.

picture showing the game with tavern ascension

Once you have selected your champion you’ll see what the next ascension tier provides you. Every tier will increase your base stats which normally includes HP, Attack and Defense. At certain points with some champions, you can also see increases to your Speed, Accuracy and Resistance base stats. This is especially important for champions who you depend on in arena as Base Speed defines the amount of speed you will gain from Artifact Set Speed bonuses. A Higher base stat means more speed from the set!

Sometimes you will also upgrade or unlock another skill. These can often redefine a champions strength and are often mandatory for the champion. For example, Deacon Armstrong improves his A3 to grant him an extra turn. This makes his whole kit far more effective. If a skill is locked behind or upgraded by ascension, this will always be unlocked at Rank 3 Ascension.

Clicking on Ascend consumes the Potions and upgrades your champion to the next tier up to the highest current rank of the champion. That is the basics of how ascension works now lets discuss how you acquire those valuable Ascension Potions.


Where to farm Ascension Potions

Ascension potions are available in Potion Keeps. They are comprised of the Arcane Potion Keep that rewards Arcane Potions and four affinity potion keeps, each rewarding their respective affinity potions. For example, Force Potion Keep will drop only Force Potions out of the 5 available potion types. These potion keeps open on a regular schedule:

  1. Arcane Potion Keep: Open Every day of the Week
  2. Spirit Potion Keep: Opens Mondays and Thursdays
  3. Force Potion Keep: Opens Tuesdays and Fridays
  4. Magic Potion Keep: Open Wednesdays and Saturdays
  5. Void Potion Keep: Open Sunday

There are currently 3 tier of ascension potions – Lesser, Greater and Superior. The rarity of the champion determines how many of each rarity you require with Uncommon’s requiring mostly Lesser potions and Legendary champions requiring many Superior potions. Check out the full chart below of the potion requirements (note: the affinity potions are the same requirements irrespective of affinity).

Mythical Champions

Rank Affinity Potions Arcane Potions
1 3 Superior 2 Superior
2 4 Superior 3 Superior
3 5 Superior 4 Superior
4 6 Superior 5 Superior
5 7 Superior 6 Superior
6 8 Superior 7 Superior
Total 33 Superior 27 Superior

Legendary Champions

Rank Affinity Potions Arcane Potions
1 1 Superior 5 Greater
2 2 Superior 2 Superior
3 3 Superior 2 Superior
4 4 Superior 3 Superior
5 5 Superior 4 Superior
6 6 Superior 5 Superior
Total 21 Superior 16 Sup 5 Greater

Epic Champions

Rank Affinity Potions Arcane Potions
1 4 Greater 3 Greater
2 7 Greater 5 Greater
3 9 Greater 7 Greater
4 3 Superior 1 Superior
5 3 Superior 2 Superior
6 4 Superior 2 Superior
Total 10 Superior + 20 Greater 5 Superior + 15 Greater

Rare Champions

Rank Affinity Potions Arcane Potions
1 4 Lesser 2 Lesser
2 6 Lesser 3 Lesser
3 2 Greater 1 Greater
4 2 Greater 2 Greater
5 5 Greater 3 Greater
6 6 Greater 4 Greater
Total 15 Greater + 10 Lesser 10 Greater + 5 Lesser

Uncommon Champions

Rank Affinity Potions Arcane Potions
1 2 Lesser 2 Lesser
2 2 Lesser 2 Lesser
3 3 Lesser 2 Lesser
4 3 Lesser 3 Lesser
5 5 Lesser 3 Lesser
6 5 Lesser 3 Lesser
Total 20 Lesser 15 Lesser

Potion Keep Dungeon Boss Guides

The potion keeps bring unique mechanics that you will need to understand in order to farm these potions. These vary from relatively straightforward keeps in the Arcane Keep to quite challenging mechanics in the Magic or Spirit Keep. Fortunately, we have crafted individual guides to help you defeat every stage of the dungeons. You will want to progress to the highest stages to earn the best Potion Rewards. You can view all the stage information in our Raid Stages Tool here.

Wielding the sword of justice and holding the seat of the Arcane Keep, the guardian holds the key to unlocking Champion Ascension in Raid: Shadow Legends. The Arcane guardian holds the key to the essential potion for all your champions.

Behind the walls of the Magic Keep lies its guardian wielding two electric scythes who stands ready to carve your team into pieces. Probably the hardest hitting potion keep boss, this will be an essential read for your progression.

The strongest guardian of all Potion Keeps awaits you in the Spirit Keep, with her resilience and healing a challenge to overcome. You will likely fail the first time you try to beat higher stages of this boss!

The gatekeeper to ascending your Force champions is the Force Guardian, a mace wielding red eyed menace who is hellbent on crowd controlling you to failure. Break his defences will be key to your success!

With toxic spores spiralling around a sharp sceptre set to carve open your team of heroes, the Void Potion Keep Guardian is rarely challenged but holds essential rewards for the Best Champions in the game.


Potion Rewards in Other Game Modes

Potions are popular rewards in many game modes and as you progress further in the game you will be able to farm less of the dungeons. Currently the known additional areas in which you can acquire ascension potions are:

  1. Clan Boss Rewards – Chests can reward you with potions with the tier of potions increasing as you climb the difficulties of Clan Boss
  2. Event Rewards – Often a handful of potions will be included along the way to larger rewards in Events, Tournaments and Hero Paths
  3. Clan Activity Rewards – Sometimes you can earn potions from the daily clan activity reward
  4. Clan Shop – You can exchange Clan Gold for Potions if your clan reaches the required Clan Level
  5. Promotional Codes – Potions are often included in certain time sensitive promotional codes. Be sure to monitor our Promo Codes page for new codes as they are released

Potion keeps remain the most efficient and farmable source however Clan Boss and Event rewards are fine alternatives if you wish to save the energy. We would not recommend you exchange Clan Gold for your potions as there are far more valuable rewards on offer for your precious clan gold.



That is all you need to know about Champion Ascension. It is an important stage in your champion development and should 100% not be ignored as it can unlock powerful bonuses, critical base stats and access to amulet and banners. All of these enhance your champions to reach greater heights.

You will also need champion ascension as part of Traditional Fusion Events. These typically require up to 16 Rare and 4 Epic champions to be sacrificed to champions to summon the Legendary Fusions on offer. These champions are always required to be fully ascended. You can read more about traditional fusions here.