New Player Promo Link Generator

It has never been a better time to start playing Raid Shadow Legends! With over 750 champions, new PvP game modes and compelling PvE challenges Raid: Shadow Legends offers new players many challenges in the lands of Teleria. If you want to start playing today, take advantage of the many new player links available that give you a champion when you complete the tutorial. Some of the champions are incredibly powerful – be sure to check their champion guide and ratings before making your choice here.

There are many starter packs and codes currently active in Raid Shadow Legends. To help you get started, we have put together a useful tool to generate an invitation link, which they can use to create a new account from and earn a free starting champion.

Simply, select the starting champion you would like and then click Generate Link. Once generated, click on the text to copy the link into a new tab!

Start your Raid Journey Today!

Important Information

This link must be used on a PC or Mac in a web browser to create the account (Opera Browser will NOT work). You must ensure you have Plarium Play installed and you are currently logged out on Plarium Play. When prompted on the web browser, cancel the automatic download. Instead click the download button and run the Raid Installer. Once you run the installer it’ll prompt you to Launch the game at which you point you create a new Plarium ID within Plarium Play.

You must complete the tutorial to activate your reward.

This tool creates links based on existing promotion links that can be found here. Thanks to MegaMuchos for helping us compile many of these promo codes.