Cursed City of Sintranos


Enter the Cursed City of Sintranos and face the horrors bourn from the disaster of the Gaellen War. You will face familiar foes who have resurfaced on your path to visit the ruler of this fetid city, Amius the Lunar Archon, who dreams of restoring Sintranos back to its former glory. Once known as the Jewel of the South putting even Delanos, its sister city to shame, Sintranos now lies in ruins and it is your task to clear out the madness that exists in the districts.

Sintranos is raid’s first non-linear progression content that unlocks at account level 52.


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What is the Cursed City?


The Cursed City is a new region in Teleria offering 101 floors per difficulty of non-linear content. Sintranos launches with Normal and Hard mode with future difficulties planned in the future. You start your journey in Cobblemarket and you will progress in your own path of choice through Deadrise, Plagueholme and to the horrors of the Soulcross. Due to the corruption of Sintranos, bosses you have come across in Teleria have spawned in various districts either solo or partnering with other bosses. At the centre of Sintranos, Amius the Lunar Archon awaits your visit to take on the most challenging fight in this content!

Each district has its own difficulty curve, bosses, double bosses and unique awakening requirement stages and they are outlined below:

  1. Cobblemarket (Easy) – 15 Standard Stages, 4 Boss Stages, 3 Double Boss Stages, 3 Awakened Stages
  2. Deadrise (Medium) – 15 Standard Stages, 4 Boss Stages, 3 Double Boss Stages, 3 Awakened Stages
  3. Plagueholme (Hard) – 15 Standard Stages, 4 Boss Stages, 3 Double Boss Stages, 3 Awakened Stages
  4. Soulcross (Extreme) – 15 Standard Stages, 4 Boss Stages, 3 Double Boss Stages, 3 Awakened Stages
  5. Amius – 1 Boss Stage

Awakened stages are represented by their Red Card on the Sintranos map, whilst bosses will show their boss portraits.

What makes the Cursed City different is that each stage has unique champion restrictions that vary on each stage. These restrictions will rotate each reset of the Cursed City presenting challenges every single month. Players will need to keep a deep roster to complete all stages!

To unlock Amius, you will need to defeat certain Double Boss who have the Eclipse Keys (seen as a reward on the map). Collect 3 and then enter the Eclipse tower to face Amius.

Patch 8.0 Preview

Getting Started


Each day you will be given 8 keys allowing passage through the city. After successfully defeating a stage, your key is removed. This means there will be 240 keys available per rotation allowing you to fully complete Normal and Hard Mode – if you have the champions and strength to do so! By default, Hard and Normal are unlocked for all players but you can choose to advance in either difficulty of your choosing. Your only restriction is you start in Cobblemarket.

For early to mid game players first unlocking the Cursed City, this will be a content hurdle that may prove extremely difficult. You should focus on starting in Normal and attempting to progress. There are some great rewards available including Ascension Oil that may prove useful for the advanced quest that pops up from time to time.

Most Late to End game players will start clearing Hard mode but only the deep rosters will be able to face the challenges of Soulcross where restrictions become quite extreme.

Sintranos is designed for you to chart your own path through the City with many routes to the same outcome.


Old Bosses and New Challenges


Throughout Sintranos lies some familiar foes you have faced in Dungeons and in the Doom Tower. These can be Hard or Normal mode variants so pay attention to the bosses you are facing. Fortunately, they mirror the skills from their usual locations so you can check our boss guides to refresh your memory on how to beat them.

The new foe you will face is Amius, the Lunar Archon, chief regent of Sintranos who has become corrupted in his dark quest to restore Sintranos to its former glory. This boss is Raid’s first Mythical Boss with him taking two forms with two separate skill sets. This is a challenging encounter to learn but we have you covered with our in depth Boss Guide.


Huge Rewards


Defeating stages in Sintranos will give you access to powerful new rewards never before seen in Teleria. These rewards come from defeating the bosses and awakened rooms whilst Amius holds the key to exclusive rewards also. Below are the new items added in this update:

  1. Mythical Forge Charms
  2. Mythical Chaos Ore
  3. Merciless Variable Artifact Sets
  4. Supersonic Variable Artifact Sets
  5. Cursed Remnants (used on special summoning with high Mythical odds

There is also an exclusive Champion that you can acquire from collecting Candles from quest completions, Karnage the Anarch.

Karnage the Anarch Portrait

Karnage the Anarch

Collect 500 candles and claim Karnage as your own. He is an exclusive Mythical Champion acquired from the Cursed City. Our initial assessment has him as one of the strongest damage dealers in all of Raid with the highest Base Attack on his Alternate form. He also brings a brand new debuff, Seal, which blocks a champions ability to use Mastery and Artifact Set effects (excluding stat gains) such as ignore def %. Karnage is a champion worth chasing.

We’re excited to explore the city of Sintranos! Stay safe amongst the quiet streets of cobble market and avoid the infectious fumes from Plaguemarket and if you find your self in the Eclipse Tower, good luck in defeating Amius!