Klyssus, The Ice-Golem

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Last Updated: 5th July 2023

Upon the peaks of Teleria’s highest mountain, ice golems hoard powerful relics protected by their leader, Klyssus, the strongest of all ice golems. Raiding their homeland is no easy feat but players will be rewarded with some unique artefacts acquired in no other places in Teleria. However, you will first need to defeat Klyssus and his allies.

Considered to be the worst and least desirable dungeon to farm, Ice-Golem is often the most frustrating for players to approach as they progress in game due to it appearing to be the least rewarding. That being said, with recent artifact changes, Ice-Golem sets are more desirable than ever before with Reflex, Retaliation and Provoke having both mid and end game viability. Putting together a good and reliable Ice Golem team will be quite a challenge but worth the reward.

Our Ice Golem Guide here contains all of the various boss stage data including accuracy and resistance numbers to properly build your champions, whilst containing crucial strategy and advice to complete this essential dungeon.

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