Akumori, The Phantom Shogun

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Last Updated: 9th June 2024

Many moons ago, a famed Shadowkin General heard tales of a substance so powerful, it could enhance his armaments unlocking powerful augments. Obsessed with enforcing his Shogunate upon all of Teleria, he sent out emissaries to hunt down this substance. Season after season, emissaries failed to discover the secret location of the required essence. In his frustration, Akumori set out on a personal quest to seek out and claim the substance for himself. Akumori never returned from his quest, with many fearing he had perished as so many other emissaries had done in the past.

In the Necropolis of Al-Naemah, heroes of Teleria discovered scriptures leading to a possible location of the famed essence. Following the trail, they discovered a grove containing the sacred tree producing magical sap, the very substance so many lives had taken to discover. However, a deadly foe re-appeared as Akumori had also discovered the grove but through his corruption had become bound to the location. Unable to leave, he refuses to allow heroes to claim what he sees as rightfully his. Will you rise and defeat the Phantom Shogun?

The Phantom Grove is an end-game dungeon in Raid: Shadow Legends that rewards players with Accessory Extract, the currency required to Ascend Accessories unlocking bonus stats for your champions build. This guide will provide you all of the information you need to take on the fearsome Shogun including details on the Boss Skills, Strategies and recommended teams. Use the stage selector to find the boss stats for the stage you are trying to beat!

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