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Last Updated: 2nd May 2023

Every champion you level and upgrade to Rank 6 can upgrade their builds with Masteries, powerful stats and effects that massively improve the impact of your new champion. In order to unlock these masteries, you will need to acquire Mastery scrolls. Whilst you can buy these with Gems (which is not a bad idea for your first few champions) you will eventually want to instead farm them from Minotaur as you can earn silver alongside saving yourself approx 120 gems per champion.

The Minotaur is one of the more accessible dungeons for players to climb with only 15 stages to earn the highest rewards. You can be farming the best stage inside your first 30-45 days of starting an account. Our guide here contains all the various stages and statistics, the boss skills and helpful tips and strategies to take down the minotaur in a fast and efficient time.

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