Hydra Clan Boss Rewards

Published On: December 2, 2021

Hydra Clan Boss Rewards


The Hydra Clan Boss is a bruising encounter and will stretch your account to its limits. If you are successfully able to take down the 4 headed demon, powerful rewards await you. There is an exclusive fragment champion alongside weekly artifact rewards making your 3 keys per week well worth your effort. Below we break down the rewards.


Mithrala Lifebane – Exclusive Champion


Each week you will receive a number of fragments to earn towards Mithrala Lifebane. As with all champions we have a detailed guide which you can read here. She is an incredibly powerful support champion and the first to bring the Petrification debuff which combines a number of effects in a single debuff.

The amount of fragments you get will be determined by how many chests and what difficulty you are able to complete as a clan each week. Once we have the information on the rewards per tier, we will update this page.


Artifact Sets


In addition to fragments, each week you will receive a number of new and unique artifact sets, Stone Skin and Protection. These are unlike any set we’ve seen in Raid as they will provide a bonus for each piece equipped. Each additional piece provides the additional bonus leading to some pretty good set bonuses. These bonus’s include:

Stone Skin Set:

1 Piece: +8% HP
2 Piece: +40 RES
3 Piece: +15% DEF
4 Piece: Champion receives the [Stone Skin] buff for 1 turn at the start of each round. This buff has a 50% chance of being protected
5 Piece: +15% DEF
6 Piece: Champion receives the [Stone Skin] buff for 2 turns at the start of each round. This buff has a 50% chance of being protected

Protection Set:

1 Piece: +20 RES
2 Piece: +15% HP
3 Piece +12% SPD
4 Piece +15% chance of placing a Protected Buff
5 Piece: +12% SPD
6 Piece: +15% chance of placing a Protected Buff

Protected Buff is similar to champions who’s buffs cannot be removed (such as Underpriest Brogni‘s Shield) but instead of it being locked to an ability now any champion wielding 4 pieces of Protection will have a 15% chance of ensuring the buffs they place cannot be removed or stolen. This effect doubles to 30% at 6 pieces.


Mythical Artifacts


In addition to the new sets, Hydra will drop the chance for Mythical Artifacts. These special artifacts are always legendary and will come with one of the four substats already rolled (highlighted Red above) effectively providing you with 5 potential sub stat rolls.

You wont be able to select the sub stat that receives the free roll so you may need a few months to get some good mythic however these pieces will make excellent artifacts pairing with a 4 piece set.

For example: imagine you have 2 pieces of Immortal, this provides you with a bonus of 15% HP. A mythic piece could potentially roll with 14% HP (7% more than usual) allowing you to gain near the same benefits of the Immortal HP contribution.

This will certainly make for some interesting champion builds but these will ONLY be earned from Hydra and therefore will always be on the Stone Skin or Protection sets.


  1. Selectivesouls January 2, 2022 at 2:59 am

    Can you put the damage requirements for each chest up somewhere please. I know it’s in game but if.im fighting hydra and I don’t wanna back out to check there is no where I can look it up online apparently. Please and thank you!

  2. Rayon7 April 19, 2022 at 12:51 am

    Agreed, why is this so hard to find on the internet? Its 4/8/22 and still I can’t find it on the internet when in the middle of the fight lol

    • EvilOmen May 10, 2022 at 4:34 pm

      Saaaaaaaaame need to know the breakpoints for Hard!! :(

  3. S-t-u-r-t June 14, 2022 at 1:52 pm

    As I had the same trouble as the above comments, thought I’d share this here:

    Novice – 1.66 M – 4.44 M
    Adept – 4.44 M – 6.66 M
    Warrior – 6.66 M +

    Adept – 5.1 M – 13.6 M
    Warrior – 13.6 M – 20.4 M
    Knight – 20.4 M +

    Warrior – 7.35 M – 19.6 M
    Knight – 19.6 M – 29.4 M
    Guardian – 29.4 M +

    Knight – 9.15 M – 12.2 M
    Guardian – 12.2 M – 24.4 M
    Master – 24.4 M – 36.6 M
    Grandmaster – 36.6 M +

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      Doing god’s work bro. Thanks. I am sure like 500 more people should have thanked you by now too.

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      Thank you!

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      Very much thank you! :)

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